Staying on the weight loss track during the holidays

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This is one of the hardest parts of trying to lose weight and get fit is when it comes to the holiday season. There’s just something about this time of year that makes you want all the baked things, and to stuff yourself with comfort food…. or is that just me?

It never fails, I will walk my butt off (almost literally) all summer long, and then when the weather starts cooling I’m in the kitchen baking bread, cakes, cookies, brownies, you name it I want to make it. I start making more hearty meals, and my crockpot gets even more use.  I just can’t help myself.

So, this year I am making a point to spending time working out.  It has always been a challenge for me because I just hate it.  I know that many of you feel this way, I just would rather be anywhere else doing anything else.

The Plan

Living in Northern Michigan, it can be so hard to get outside once the weather changes.  I mean, sure, there are ways to workout outside during the winter, but having a toddler my outdoor time is limited.  I also don’t have an elliptical or treadmill that I can use inside.  So, this leaves me searching for things I can do in my house, that doesn’t require large equipment.

For the last couple years I have attempted, numerous times, to do challenges that are located on YouTube, but I always run into the same issues.  I’m not motivated to workout, especially when I’m sore, and there’s no accountability factor for them. There’s nothing to keep me going back time after time.  I tell myself I will take the day off because I can barely move, and then my family asks for cookies so I’m in the kitchen baking up a storm.

Maintaining your Weight Loss Goals During the Holidays.

There are certain things I’m looking for to help keep me on track; ease of use, minimal equipment, reminders; encouragement, don’t take all day, effective but allow me the ability to parent.   I have been on the hunt for this unicorn program for a while.  I have tried a few with some success but haven’t finished anything because life gets in the way, or I talk myself out of it.

Disclosure: I used Aaptiv’s trial program but was not compensated or sponsored for this review.
All thoughts are my own and I would only recommend products I believe in. 

This led me trying the Aaptiv App.  This workout app is filled with different workouts you can do in your home, outside, or even at the gym.  Instead of using video, which can be helpful at times, this app uses all voice instructions which allows you to put in headphones and just work out.


  • You can get a 7 day free trial if you sign up to do a month by month plan at $9.99 or a 30 day trial when you sign up to do a 12 month subscription.
  • Real trainers created the routines
  • They have a color coded system telling you if the workout you’re looking at is for beginners, intermediate, or advanced workout. So there’s no getting into the workout and feeling like you’re in way over your head.  I love being able to know that I will be getting a good workout but not doing something that is well beyond my skills.
  • There is a selection of workouts for pregnant women. This section is all in the beginners color and broken down by trimester to give you a safe and effective workout.  When I looked into the app’s maternity section and talked to a rep they said the workouts were designed by trainers certified in pre and post natal exercise.
  • A selection of workouts that are 7 minutes long or less! Perfect when you really only have 5 minutes to focus on yourself.  Now, these won’t burn as many calories as a 20 minute class, but you could always sprinkle a few in your day.
  • Stretching, Yoga & Meditation workouts. These would be amazing for the mom who really needs to focus and relax.
  • Good selection of cardio. Plenty of running routines for those of you who run. They also include programs for 5K, 10K and Marathon training.
  • Reminders built into the app, to keep you on track and motivated.
  • The “whistle” section shows you all of the trainers included in the app, if you click their picture it will go to a bio about them and their credentials.  You also have the option to email the trainer any questions you may have which is great. They’re just not a voice you listen to, and picture to see, they are able to help you.
  • No sales pitches for their meal replacements, proteins, or shakes.  Gotta love an app that is about workouts and focused on workouts alone.
  • The selection of different workouts in each category is good.  Looking through everything it’s easy to see that you would have an easy time changing up workouts daily without having to repeat the same thing over and over.
  • Each workout tells you what type of music is playing during the audio, with a little something for anyone.


  • When you run a tight budget $9.99 a month can be difficult to squeeze in.  We are making a sacrifice so I can try it for longer than the trial. I will see, at the end of this month, if it is worth me continuing to budget for, or not.  For us, we just had to reprioritize part of our spending, and this came out of my discretionary spending.
  • No videos.  I know this is a pro as well, but I have run into times where I wish I could see what the trainer was explaining so that I knew I had proper form.
  • No meal plan or tracking of calories.  If you’re new to working out like over here, and also need to work on your diet and calorie tracking then you’ll need a second app to track food.   For me, this means 3 apps on a very full phone, using Aaptiv, MyFitnessPal, and Fitbit in conjunction.
  • Even with reminders set, it’s really easy to push off an app. Especially if you’re like me, and you can push it off for “later” and never get back to it.

Thoughts on Aaptiv

I’m planning on trying a month to month subscription because I really don’t know that I can keep myself motivated enough through my own doing.  I generally need someone with me who will push me to get it done.  I’m just not a person who enjoys working out enough that I can self-motivate to start each day.  I still have a little time left on my trial and I might try to get my husband involved with me.  I am also going to reach out to a few fellow mom friends and maybe we can do it together.

It has a great variety of workouts, which is good because I get bored doing the same thing every day.  I like that it’s audio only so I can’t  get distracted with things on my phone.  I turn it on and set my phone down/ put it in my pocket and I don’t have to mess with it anymore.  Plus, I’m not trying to see on a little tiny screen.

When I buckle down and do it, I enjoy the workout and it seems to go quickly. This app would be fantastic for anyone training for a race, or that likes doing the workouts and wants to change it up some.  If your problem is more getting the sneakers on and pushing play…. I feel ya! I know that I just need to do it and I will be good to go.  One thing I’m going to start doing again, that I did in the past to help get to the pushing play part, is to get dressed in my workout clothes very first thing in the morning.  Then I’m already dressed for it, need to shower, and lose 2 of my excuses.

I will be sure to update in a while with my results, and how I end up doing.

How do you motivate yourself?

You can explore more about Aaptiv and download here.


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