3 Unconventional Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

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We all know the generic self-care ideas and we all know the things that work best for us. Go for a walk, take a bubble bath, etc. These just aren’t always what we need most. Sometimes we need something a little unconventional to get our minds back on track. These unconventional self-care ideas are here to inspire you to tackle your self-care in an unconventional way.

The Self-Care Reboot

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Why use an unconventional self-care idea?

These 3 ideas are great ways to take a break and focus more on yourself and your family. When I use one of these ideas I realize how much these things hold me down and distract me from the things I need to be doing.

These things aren’t things you’d initially think of when you’re focusing on self-care. They’re for those moments when you really just need to take a break from everything. When you’re burned out and need to step away from the things that overwhelm your day and keep you from doing the things you should be doing.

These ideas aren’t things you can do in 10 minutes. These are a longer commitment and should be done over the course of a day or week. You get to choose how long, but make it longer than a day.

Make the commitment to yourself to take a few days or weeks to commit to these things.

Social Media Blackout

This one is easy and difficult all at once. Delete all the social media apps from your phone. You can even block them on your computer. Doing this will make you more conscious of the times that you’re grabbing your phone to just mindlessly scroll. Then you can take that time to do something else for yourself or that you should be doing instead.

When I did this initially I just locked myself out of the apps for a few hours a day, but I found myself just unlocking them, telling myself that I was just going to look for a few minutes and then getting lost scrolling for an hour. It just wasn’t working for me.

Once the apps were deleted, I had no more excuses. If I wanted to check Facebook I had to go to the browser and type it in. I had to be more deliberate about what I was doing. Just really focus on getting the things you’ve been putting off, your kids, and yourself.

Leave your phone at home often

One of the best times of self-care in my life was when we cut out our cell phone bill. When we left home we were unreachable. We would go to dinner and have no phones in our hands, we had to talk and enjoy each others company. It was so freeing to not have a phone to hold us back from spending that quality time together.

Now that we have phones again, we still will leave them at home because we aren’t in the habit of continually having them in our hands. It’s great to run to the store and purposely leave the phone behind. There’s no fielding calls about the kids, no one can interrupt your shopping. It’s phenomenal.

This is also something that my husband does often. Sure, it can be annoying when I need to reach him and his phone is on the counter, but there has never been a time when whatever I wanted was such an emergency that I couldn’t wait until he got home.

Clear out your inbox

If your email inboxes look like mine, you’ll like this one, although it is a big project. I get probably 100 emails a day and most are things I don’t need to see often or are spam. It is overwhelming

Going through your inbox can be extremely tedious, so make it easier by using something like Unroll.me which makes the process so much easier. If you’re using Gmail, you can just go to the promotions tab and go line by line.

Eliminating some of the emails you receive will help keep you from being overwhelmed by your inbox and keep you from getting 50 emails a day that you don’t care about.

What unconventional self-care ideas do you use?

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