The Ultimate Moisturizing Night Time Skincare Routine

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I know as moms we don’t have time to add anything to our routines. Especially, it seems, as spring and summer get into full swing and schedules really start to pick up.  So I can say I have my night time routine down to a science.  I have a few products I go to time and time again.  But, every once in a while a product sneaks its way in and I don’t know how I could live without it.  Enter the Ca Pier Young Night Time Oil.

Looking for a great night time facial oil?  This all natural face oil from Ca Pier Young is amazing. Made using organic ingredients and essential oils. Made to order, so your product is always fresh | affordable skin care| Face oil | Essential Oil | Small Business | Mommy Takes 5

Disclaimer:  I was sent the Ca Pier Young Night Time Oil for free in exchange for review.  All opinions are my own and I would never recommend a product I do not believe in 100%. 

I have mentioned many times that I try to make my skincare routine as natural as possible, and the products from Ca Pier Young Skincare fit that mission perfectly.

Kathy, the owner of Ca Pier Young sent me the Night Time Oil to try after a conversation about my skin type and skincare needs.  I was so impressed by her desire to get me the product that would work best for my needs. She was so good to talk to and such a help.

About the Ca Pier Young Night Time Oil

My skin is dry. I deal with dryness year round, but it only gets worse during the Michigan winters where we run the heat nonstop.  Even with a humidifier going full blast I get unbelievably dry.  While talking to Kathy about this issue she immediately recommended the Night Time Oil because it is so moisturizing.

So lets start with how it smells.  The first thing I do when i get any new skincare item is to smell it, because some times the smell isn’t something you can get over no matter how great the product is.  For me, especially with overly perfumed scents or chemical scents, I just can’t handle it.

The scent initially has a strong lavender and cedar wood fragrance to it.  Now, I use the word fragrance carefully, Ca Pier Young products do not use fragrance or parfum in their products, so the scent comes from essential oils in the product.  The scent does dissipate quite quickly once applied, and it is relaxing.  If you’re sensitive to either of those scents though I would caution your use of this product. Remember that I cannot speak to the scents of her other products because I have not personally tried them, but you could always email Kathy about the oils, or read the ingredients to find your perfect product.

The oil sinks in quickly, and within a minute or two I don’t notice the lavender or sandal wood scent anymore.  It is light weight, and very importantly, it doesn’t make you feel greasy.

It comes beautifully packaged in a pump bottle so you have great control over how much you use. The oil isn’t leaking out everywhere or making a mess of the bottle. There is no taking off the top to get to the product.  I really like the packaging over some of the other oils I have tried with a dropper style top.  There’s no big worry about tipping the bottle over and losing that precious oil, especially if you have toddlers, or young children who get very curious.

It is so relaxing to put on at the end of the day.  We all know how relaxing Lavender Oil can be and how well it can encourage sleep. This oil just brings that relaxation out even more.  I find that when I use this oil I am able to fall asleep quicker, and I toss & turn less through the night.

What is in the Ca Pier Young Night Time Oil?

Kathy is very transparent with her ingredient deck, which is so great when you’re trying to use natural products.  Each bottle is clearly labelled, and she even has the ingredients listed on her website, so no matter which product you choose you know exactly what you’re getting in the bottle or jar.

She uses all natural, organic ingredients. As I said above there is no mystery ingredient labeled as “fragrance” or “parfum” as a way to conceal nasty chemical compounds used in those ingredients.  It is also paraben free so you can feel good about what is going on your largest organ.

The Ca Pier Young Night Time Oil includes Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil,  Avocado oil, and Apricot oil as well as Lavender and Cedar Wood oils. The benefits of having the Vitamin E Oil included in this skincare oil is amazing. The benefits to using Vitamin E are abundant, so applying it daily to the skin will do so much for your skins appearance and youthfulness.

How it’s made

One of my favorite things about this line is that each item is made upon order. So not only is it made in small batches, but it’s not sitting around waiting to be used and losing potency or inching towards expiration. You will get fresh product each time you order.   These products do have an expiration because she only uses preservatives where absolutely necessary.

While the Night Time Oil does NOT contain preservatives, she explains her use of preservatives in other certain products on her website saying:

Water is a feeding ground for bacteria, fungi and yeast. When fed nutrients and vitamins this water can grow harmful micro organisms that can be more harmful to your health. Unfortunately, there is not an all natural product that can be used as a preservative that will give you the protection you need against these harmful growths. If bacteria or fungi from an all natural product enters your skin it can cause a wide range of health issues and can poison you faster and far worse than the small amount of preservative I have chosen. Sometimes, an all natural product sounds really great, until you realize without the proper protection it can be very harmful to your health and your skin.

quote taken from the FAQ portion of

Using the Ca Pier Young Night Time Oil

Adding this to my routine was easy.  Each night, I wash my face using my Norwex Body Cloth and water.  The best part of using my Norwex makeup remover cloth or body cloth is just using water.  It’s cost effective, and I’m not putting something else on my skin.  If I need to exfoliate I will use many of the techniques talked about in my quick facial routine.

After cleansing I will put on an eye cream, and my Seaweed serum, allowing those to thoroughly sink into the skin.  Lastly, once everything has had a chance to sink in well, I pump out 1-2 pumps of the Ca Pier Night Time Oil and press it into the skin, focusing on my driest areas first, and moving to the less dry areas after the majority of the product has been used up.

How much to use?

Now I did find that when I used more than 2 pumps it was way too much product.  I do like to take this down the neck and on to the decolletage. It is so important to remember the neck and decolletage as part of your facial skincare routine.  It’s easy to just consider your face, but those areas are just as important to treat as well as your face to avoid premature aging.

The Results

After probably 3 weeks of use, this has become a staple in my night time routine.  I have noticed my skin isn’t nearly as dry in the morning.  I can tell when I just quickly wiped off my makeup and crash in bed without doing any of my skincare routine.  The lavender scent really helps me sleep, and when I fail to put this on I do notice a difference in my sleep.

Of course, now the weather is coming around, and we aren’t running the heat as much so my skin won’t be at its driest for hopefully at least 6 months. I am very interested to buy more and try it during the winter months.

One of the most obvious benefits to using Ca Pier Young products is the price point. Skincare items are notoriously expensive, yet this Night Time Oil is $24 on her website which makes this a steal.

Other Ca Pier Young products

Besides the Night Time Oil, she carries many other skincare products, from toning waters and cleansers to masks and acne treatments.  She really has a broad range of skincare products to choose from.

One thing she mentioned to me, that I would love to do, is to get her Pure Detox clay mask.  I love my masks, but because this is a mask you mix yourself, you can mix one with the Honey activator for yourself, and the water activator for your child, to make a Mommy & Me mask time.  I love this idea, but E is slightly too young still, we will do them at a later time though.

What is your favorite, natural skincare item?

Be sure to visit the Ca Pier Young website to see her other products, and support a small business.

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