To the First Time Preschool Mom

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So it’s come, the letter saying Little Miss got into preschool finally came. As excited as I am for her to start this new journey, for her to learn & grow, and to have a little quiet time to myself each day, I am not prepared for this. To the new preschool moms, we are in this adventure together.

Being a mom is full of these struggles. You’re so excited for your little one to grow, to get more independent, and be the awesome little people that they are. Yet, at the same time, you’re wondering when you blinked.

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Where did my baby go?

Yesterday was Little Miss’ 4th birthday. She is growing into such a fun little girl, with so many exciting interests, and so much personality. I absolutely love seeing the girl she is becoming. Every once in a while my baby girl peeks through, and I love those moments, but then she turns 4, and I am left wondering where my baby went.

The baby season was so difficult, and I don’t really miss those stressful days. I love that I can shower with minimal interruption now. She can pick up after herself. She helps get herself dressed. It’s so convenient and wonderful.

Yet, I’m left in tears thinking about my baby going to school and learning to not need me. Like many moms, I also worry that she will be left in tears missing me. That’s probably the hardest for me right now.

Little Miss is such a nervous girl. We haven’t ever held her back to tried to keep her from exploring (within reason). She is just naturally overly-cautious and nervous about everything. She is the kid who will confidently climb to the top of the slide and then freeze. We are always encouraging her that she will be fine and it will be fun, but she often is too afraid to go.

At playgrounds, other kids get frustrated because she will freeze. Usually, it means one of us reaching up to hold her hand to get her to move down the slide, and then she loves it. Once she conquers that fear, she is fine.

So of course, as a mom, I worry about her playing on the playground and freezing. I know her teachers will be there to help her through, but she is still my little girl, and I worry.

I hope that you’re with me so far. I know most kids aren’t quite so nervous about everything under the sun. My little one though, she is just naturally nervous. So I worry about how she will handle everything.

Preschooler for real

Little Miss was just accepted into preschool. There are moments when I relish the idea of her being in school 4 full days of the week. It will be a great experience for her. I hope she grows and learns so much.

We are working on getting her everything she needs to have a successful year. We are working on skills she will need and some she will probably learn while there. She has a love for learning that I adore. She always manages to surprise me with the things she can do.

We have met her teachers & spent time in the classroom. She loved it, but she was the only kid there. She loves playing with other kids and craves to be around kids, so I know she will adjust and do great. It’s just this part that is the worst.

The Final Weeks Before Preschool

Since we got her letter telling us she was accepted, summer feels awful short. All of a sudden there are so many things I want to do before our time together is up.

What will we fill our time with to end our last summer together? Here is our final summer before school bucket list

  • Spend all kinds of time at the lake
  • Conquer her fears and learn to ride her bike
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Master writing the alphabet
  • Go camping some more
  • Have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s house
  • Go on walks as often as possible
  • Boat rides often
  • Bonfire night
  • Have some more cousin time
  • Start school shopping

I know there will be more added to that list. It is going to be a whirlwind summer now.

While I’m not quite prepared for this change, I’m excited for her to have this new experience. I know she will do amazing things and pray she will conquer her fears. She will make friends, learn new things, and hopefully skip over some of the bad habits I am so worried about.

No matter what comes, us new preschool moms will conquer this too. We will make it through. We will fight through the tears, and make work because we always do.

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