The Easy Secret Santa Gift Any Mom Will Love

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It’s almost Christmas already, I’m not sure where the year went, but here we are, looking at Secret Santa ideas again. If you want to spoil a mom, friend, co-worker, or family member with a really special gift, then this 5 item Secret Santa gift will be exactly what you’re looking for.

A week or so ago my bestie/ work wife surprised me with an amazing gift. We aren’t friends that give gifts normally, so this was a complete shock. It was what was in the gift that meant more than anything to me. I don’t know what she spent, and that isn’t even important, but it was the thought that she poured into the gift that made it worthwhile.

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The Best Gift Ever

Like I said above, this gift wasn’t anything extravagant, but she checked off so many of my favorite things with this gift that it was just too perfect and I had to write about it because it was such a special gift to me.

She started with a Harry Potter coffee mug because I love coffee mugs almost as much as I love Harry Potter. Then she filled it with some of my favorite things, mini chocolate bars and face masks. She made sure that each of the items in the mug was something that I would love, which makes it that much more special.

How to build your own

I think it can be quite simple now to plan out your Secret Santa gift if you’re looking for more ideas that just this, check out this post of Secret Santa gift ideas.

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Find a mug, or container of some sort, that represents something they like. Amazon has so many available in so many different interests, from Harry Potter, to Star Wars, to Marvel, to Motherhood, to wine lovers, and so many more. If they’re not into coffee, tea, or cocoa, then go for a beer stein, wine glass, water bottle, shaker bottle, whatever they’re into.

Then fill the mug with some of their favorite snacks or treats. The mini chocolate bars are perfect because you can fit quite a few into the mug and still have space. What are their favorite treats?

Depending on how well you know her, you can really tailor this to her exact needs and interests. My gift had 2 of my favorite moisturizing masks. She knows this information because we shop together and share favorites all the time. Depending on who your gift is for, you may not have that information. Choose your favorites if you need them. I always love trying new spa products.

Other ideas to consider

To round out the mug gift, here are some other things you could toss in.

  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • Rings
  • A bath bomb or mini bath bombs
  • Bath salts/ scrub (Check out my Facebook live on making scrubs)
  • A sample packet of coffee or cocoa
  • A selection of tea bags
  • Depending on your budget, a gift card

What is the favorite surprise gift you’ve ever gotten?

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