Take a break during the month of May with Mom Break 30

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I am so excited for this month, I have so much going on, and so many things to write about don’t be surprised if I post more than normal.  This week for instance, you will have this post today, and another on Wednesday! Say what?!?!? During these busy weeks its more important than ever to take a break for a bit, so I’m participating in a special event put on by Mom Break called Mom Break 30. 

What is Mom Break 30?

Mom Break 30 is a workout challenge designed for busy moms. Each day there is a new video approximately 10 minutes long. *Seriously, i’m so excited to get a good workout in 10 minutes* For the workouts there will be a new post and YouTube video to accompany the day.

Is that not enough incentive? How about a giveaway?

How about a giveaway every day of the month?

Mom Break will be hosting a separate giveaway each day over the course of May. 31 Days, 31 workouts, 31 prizes!

Mom Break 30 calendar of prizes. Photo credit: Mombreak.org
Mom Break 30 calendar. Photo courtesy of mombreak.org

What do you need to join?

This is another reason I’m super excited for this program.  You just need your body. No other equipment is needed!  I love that I can do this program without weights. My little one LOVES to run circles around me as I workout, or try to get the weights from me. So not needing equipment is amazing!

They are also taking into account different fitness levels during the challenge.  So if you’re new to working out (like me) then you can be confident knowing you aren’t going to be in way over your head. If you’re already active you can still use this in your routine or modify to get more of a workout.

They really have thought this out well.

Where can you join?

Head on over to the official Mom Break 30 page and you will find day 1’s workout and giveaway to enter.

Make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can get daily reminders for the month.  If that’s too many emails, you have the option to receive less, but I opted for daily to help keep me on track.

Why am I excited for this?

No, this is NOT a sponsored post, I am legitimately excited to be participating and I want to help inspire other moms to take this time for themselves.  Since taking time for my own mental & physical health is something I work on daily, this is a perfect fit.

When I saw that each workout is 10 minutes long I was ecstatic! I normally do a different routine designed for moms or just make sure I get moving each day. If I can get a good workout in 1/3 of my normal workout routine, why not go for it?  I can comfortably take this Mom Break and then go on a nice long walk with my family, or do any other part of my regular routine.

Like taking my 5 minutes, I know I can fit 10 minutes into my day somewhere. It might take me a day or two to find the perfect spot, but it’s only 10 minutes. My 5 minute routine is something I have down pat, I can get those few minutes without even thinking about it right now.

So who’s with me?

Are you ready to take the Mom Break 30 challenge with me?  You can join me on the Mommy Takes 5 facebook page where I will be posting updates about my time doing Mom Break 30. You can also join Mom Break on facebook where they are posting each day of the challenge.


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