Summer Bucket List for Toddler Families

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School is letting out if it hasn’t already, are you ready for summer?  One of our favorite things to do with our toddler is to make a summer bucket list and make our summer goals from that list. We call it Little Miss’ bucket list, but really it is for the whole family.

Now that little miss is getting older, we let her get more say in the list of activities we will do.  We also try to include her favorite things on a regular basis so that she really gets the most enjoyment out of it as she can.  Letting her choose things on our list gives her more control and room to explore.

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So what goes on our summer bucket list?

  • Visit your local library & get in on a summer reading program, borrow some books, or visit a story time.
  • Enjoy the outdoors with water balloons, just be sure to get biodegradable ones like these. or even better yet, skip the balloon mess in your yard and make these!
  • Catch (and release) fireflies.  There is something so magical about catching fireflies or even just playing where they’re flying.  You can get a fun jar like this one to catch them in to see them closer.
  • Explore with a flashlight.  Ever since Little Miss saw Daniel Tiger walking and looking to see “what’s special at night” she has been asking to explore at night.  We are making it a priority to let her explore at night with us. She just needs to remember to nap so she can stay up late enough. lol.
  • Visit a new town. We love taking day trips, and in Northern Michigan, there’s no shortage of cool destinations.  We love going to explore a new town.

  • Visit Mackinac Island. This is probably our favorite destination in Michigan. It’s quaint, it’s so beautiful, and there’s no place better to get fudge. If you haven’t seen anything about it, you definitely need to click that link and check it out.  It’s such a beautiful place, from the fort to the Grand Hotel.  There are no cars allowed on the island so it’s a great place to just walk around, rent a bike, or take a carriage ride.
  • Go camping! As a family, we love to camp.  We don’t have a large family trip planned for this year, but we want to take a trip with just our little family.
  • Make some s’mores over the bonfire. When we were discussing out bucket list this year, we realized that Little Miss has never had a s’more and we need to remedy that. These extendable roasting sticks would be amazing for roasting marshmallows and keep little ones back far enough.
  • Go swimming/ on the boat.  This is an easy one, but one of Little Miss’ favorite things.  We will go swimming multiple times this summer.
  • See the fireworks.  Usually, this is an easy one as well.  We live so close to two lakes that we spend a lot of time on the water and near it.  We may venture out and see some fireworks in another town, and do it up big for Independence Day.
  • Throw a big bonfire for our friends.  We want to get a big group of our friends over here to have fun with us and enjoy our new home this summer.

We allow ourselves the room to do things when we need to.

When we make this list, we don’t actually make a comrehensive list. We use the bucket list for the things Little Miss wants to do, and then we put in our big goals.  There are certain things in summer we know we will do.

We know we will

  • throw Little Miss a big birthday party (since her birthday is in summer)
  • we will go for family walks
  • we will continue to work on our home and fix the things that need to be done
  • there will be lots of bubbles, playing, and fun
  • we will spend time with family and friends

We don’t need to list these things because they happen no matter what.

I’m sure when I’m done writing this I will continue to add to these lists and really make them well-rounded lists.

What would be #1 on your summer bucket list?

Summer has arrived so it's time to start planning your bucket list. Here are some great ideas for your summer bucket list with toddlers.

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