5 Ways to get Self Care with Kids Home

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It’s that time of year, summer has come and kids are home from school. As if getting self care wasn’t difficult enough during the school year, now you have the added chaos that having your school-aged children bring.  Summer is a stressful time and getting your self care with kids home can make things that much more difficult.

There are a few ways in which you can get the most out of your self care with kids around, but it all comes down to being determined to focus on what you need each day. Make it a priority, and don’t continually put your own needs off.  I get it, it’s summer, and life gets crazy, but momma, you’re worth taking a few minutes of your day. Your needs don’t just go away because your kids are around.  Set up an example of a mother who makes sure she is meeting her own needs regularly. That way when they become mothers, or fathers, they will know it’s possible to take care of themselves and encourage their spouse to take time for them.

So, how can you make it work? Life gets crazy with the kids home all the time. It will take time to get right, but as I already said, make it a priority.

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Get them involved

When you figure out what it is that fills your heart, you can include your kids.  This could include pool time, a walk through the woods, going for a bike ride, playing a game, coloring together or whatever you enjoy doing as a family.

Sure, this isn’t going to be your relaxed, spa-like experience, but it can still fill your soul and make you feel more connected to yourself. Make sure it’s something that you enjoy and that makes you happy or this time isn’t for you.

For me, one thing I really love it sitting in the sunshine (with plenty of sunscreen on because I would look like a tomato without it). I love to feel the warm breeze and just enjoy the warmth of summer.  So, I put my favorite lounge chair in my favorite spot and allow my daughter to play and enjoy the outdoors as well.

As a family, we enjoy going for walks. We will walk all over the neighborhood.  It’s great exercise, lets us enjoy being outdoors, and gives us some phone free time where we can just have meaningful conversations and really connect.  These walks are mostly for my husband and me, my daughter just gets to ride in the wagon or stroller.  She doesn’t get much of a say, but she likes going for rides and being with us.

Set up quiet time

If your kids are school-aged chances are you don’t get nap time anymore on a regular basis. One important thing, especially if you have younger kids at home, is to set up a quiet time.  This is time for tv’s to be off, electronics to be off, and to do something quiet alone.  You could allow for puzzles or board games together, but that can lead to issues & fighting.

During this quiet time, you should also remain quiet and spend some of the time working on your self care.  Show your kids that you need a break as well. We don’t need to run ourselves ragged all day every day.

Make it a family time

Get your kids in on it. This could be a time where you work out as a family or set up a spa day at home to do nails & face masks. Again, no, this isn’t going to be the peaceful spa experience, but make it work for your family.  You could always talk to your older kids about self care, and let them take some scheduled time for themselves each day.

Put it in your daily schedule.  Schedule other things around it.  This time should be non-negotiable in your day.  It may not go smoothly, but it is good to teach our children to slow down and do things they enjoy for themselves, as well as the importance of unplugging for a while each day.

Take advantage of sleep

I’m a night owl, and the rest of my family (including the dog) love waking up early.  For me, I get most of my self care in when the house is quiet at night.  I can do whatever I want with no distractions. Everyone is asleep, so as long as I’m quiet, which is usually one thing I crave, my family is none the wiser.

I can’t sleep as early as my family, so it’s sit and watch tv for hours (which I do some nights) or be more productive and put that time to good use.  So I can put on a face mask while taking a bath, or paint my nails while watching some trashy reality tv. Whatever I choose, I do it up good because this time is all about me.

Don’t lose focus

It’s easy to put self care off. You can easily feel guilty for taking time away from your family, or that you’re just being selfish with your time.  There’s always something to clean or do when you have kids around.  It comes down to really making yourself a priority and not wanting to give that up.  You need to make sure you are taken care of first so you can juggle everything else.

Your self care is important and not worth skimping on.  Teaching your kids that you need self care, and that they can do it too is a great lesson. Depending on what you are doing let them take part in it or set their own self care schedule.


Above all else, just make it and keep it a priority. Your kids are watching.

Getting time for yourself can be so difficult. These 5 tips will help you get time for self care while the kids are home from school.

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