The Self Care Journey

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Join in on the Self Care Journey. Helping Busy moms find ways to spend more time for self care

What is The Self Care Journey?

Join me for the Self Care Journey. As moms, we tend to put everyone and everything ahead of our own needs. This self-care journey is intended to help busy moms put their own needs first, and start spending more time on developing a healthy self-care routine.
Throughout the 30-day journey, moms are encouraged to start by taking 5 minutes for themselves each day. Then, as the month progresses adding in more 5-minute blocks as time allows.
One of the unique additions to this book is the journal which is the second half of the book. This journal allows you to reflect on the changes you’ve made throughout your journey and planning for your future self-care needs.

You can get The Self Care Journey on your Kindle or in Paperback on Amazon HERE.



Sunny- 3 Mom Circus

Becky’s self care e-book/ journal is set up in a way that makes taking time for ourselves as easy as possible! She gives you a ton of simple ideas to choose from, walks you through the process, and helps you reflect on the journey. I especially enjoyed the journal questions because they helped me realize how important taking time for myself is, and how amazing even the simplest self care ideas made me feel.

Heather- Finding Our Green Life

The Self Care Journey is truly for every mom, no matter what age your children are. When I first heard about the book, I thought, surely I don’t need this. My kids are in elementary and middle school, I have time for myself. You know what, all that time is spent doing things at the schools, for my kids or for others. Becky does a great job laying out the 5 main areas of self care and thankfully, gives ideas for each area. They seem like they should be obvious, but I would have never thought of 90% of them. My biggest take away from reading The Self Care Journey is that it’s ok to take time for myself and in reality, 5 minutes makes a world of difference.

Jacinta- Snuggles and Kisses

Self-care is an important part of daily living, especially for Mums who give and give to the people around them. Becky shares her insight and encouragement in a very practical and realistic way that inspires you to take just that 5-minutes of self-care, knowing that it will make a difference to your life.

Join the Self Care Journey!

If you’re a tired, busy mom who has neglected spending time on herself then this is for you! Spend some time, filling your needs, and becoming the best mom you can be. Get your copy here

What can you expect from the book?

It is my firm belief that to be the best possible mom and version of ourselves we need to put a little focus back on us.  It is so easy to fall into the fallacy of perfection when you become a mom. We need to break out of this idea and make sure we put some attention back on our own needs.
By giving yourself a 5-minute break at least once a day you will find yourself getting back the feeling of the girl who was lost when you became a mom.  I’ve been there, I didn’t think that I could go back to feeling like me, but through 5-minute breaks throughout my day, I am more energized, focused, and ready to attack the day with my little one.
The book is set up in 2 parts. The first part is the ebook where you will be guided through the different types of self-care, and the philosophy behind taking 5 minutes for yourself each day.  I guide you through the mindset and dealing with the dreaded ‘mom guilt’ that we all feel when we focus on our own needs first.
The second half and longest part of the book is the journal portion. This entire section guides you day by day through the 30 days and gives you questions to ponder as you progress through the month. You can print the entire book or just the back pages to fill out your thoughts each day.
Start your own self care journey when you buy The Self Care Journey ebook & Journal and find some time for you in the chaos of motherhood!

Join the Self Care Journey!

If you’re a tired, busy mom who has neglected spending time on herself then this is for you! Spend some time, filling your needs, and becoming the best mom you can be.    

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