Why we decided to do preschool homeschool for our 3 year old

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Up until 6 months ago, preschool wasn’t really on our radar. It was something that was a long ways off, we had time to figure out what we wanted to do. Homeschool wasn’t even close to my radar. So what changed? How, in 6 months, did we go from not worrying about preschool to choosing to do preschool homeschool for her first year?

Preschool homeschool & everything between

At the beginning of the year, Little Miss started asking if she could go to school, and since then has continued to express continued interest in school. We work on learning activities all the time as it is, so she is used to learning all the time.  She is on track or ahead of where her pediatrician expects a child her age to be, so I’m not worried about keeping her on track.

As the school year came to a close, I started looking up the area preschools. Out of 4 in my town, have a 3 year old program. One at a daycare that I wouldn’t be comfortable with and the other is a co-op preschool but charges more than I am comfortable with spending for a school I would have to help out at.

Now, I am in NO way saying I wouldn’t gladly help out!

I would LOVE to send her to the co-op preschool. I just can’t justify the cost of the program right now.  Especially when another preschool in town, that only has a 4 year old program, is about 1/2 the cost.

Listening to those who know better

I am blessed to know a kindergarten teacher and another school professional who helps evaluate children for kindergarten readiness.  Between these two, I know what milestones Little Miss will need to reach before being accepted into kindergarten.

I know to work on recognizing and writing her letters & numbers. I know we need to work on more fine motor skills. We will continue to read every day and to count higher and higher.  I am going to be getting the guidelines from one of them so that I know she is getting the knowledge she needs to know.

When I have questions, not only have I joined a couple homeschooling groups on facebook, but I have started researching everything I can about curriculums and activities to do. Pinterest is such an amazing resource, with so many wonderful homeschooling blogs.  At this point I’m still researching everything I can, but HERE is my Pinterest board on doing preschool homeschool.

Supplies I’m buying or have bought

 Crayola Crayons

You can’t go wrong with Crayola crayons.  Little Miss has been using regular crayons for over a year now. My parents had a tin filled with crayons from when my sister and I were little. There is a lot of broken ones, but most are still whole and mostly untouched.

To supplement this stockpile, and start our “preschool homeschool” we will start the fall off with brand new crayons.

A vintage personal chalkboard

So I got one of these from my sister in law, and I’m buying chalk to go with it. The one I have has the lines to assist with writing. It’s so cute and little miss has enjoyed writing on it with sidewalk chalk.

I will just grab a $0.50 box of chalk from Dollar General and we will use that so she can learn to get a real grip on the thin chalk, like the thin crayons.

 Letter & Number workbooks

These workbooks are exactly what I have been looking for.  I have been searching for a workbook that we can use to focus on one letter & number at a time and do multiple activities for each letter.

There are a lot of great printables out there for this as well that I will use. Pinterest is the place to go for all of those.

Kindle For Kids

Ok, this one might not be for everyone, but Little Miss has the Kindle for Kids and it is easily one of the best purchases we have made for her. She absolutely loves her tablet. We can download stuff for her to use when we go on trips, and she can download and play anything in the age range I have set.

Not only that, but it really has been a great learning tool for her to supplement what we do together.  We will play, read, or sing songs, and then I will find a video that supplements what we were working on that day just to reinforce it beyond play time with mommy.


I found these flashcards and Little Miss loves them. They’re one of our favorite ways to learn and play.  She is able to keep her attention on them and make her way through one pack.  She doesn’t yet have the attention for more than one, but she will get there.

I also use these for our “letter of the day” and “number of the day” that we use to focus on finding and counting to that number.

What about 4 year preschool?

Well, the easy answer is, we don’t know. There are a couple preschools that would be amazing for her and she would be able to get the socialization aspect of preschool, but after talking to my 2 friends, I’m not sure it will be our priority. We will be looking at her progress come spring and seeing which option we feel is best.

Hearing some of the horror stories from my 2 sources, I’m not sure that a standard preschool will be something we even want to consider. I just want to preserve my well behaved, sweet girl as long as I can. I know it won’t be a forever thing, she will have to grow up, meet other kids, and leave me. But for this year, she can keep working at home with mommy.

We recently made a tough decision. Skip the monthly payment for a preschool, to homeschool our 3 year old for preschool. Why would we choose this?


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