Non-Candy Fillers for your Toddler’s Easter Eggs & Basket

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Easter is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about hiding the Easter eggs and basket.  Since my daughter is celebrating her third Easter this is the first year we will have eggs hidden at home.  Last year we participated in a family hunt and the city hunt. This year we will be filling them as part of her Easter basket. We know that she will be getting a ton of candy from the other hunts and baskets she will be getting from her grandparents. She doesn’t need a basket of candy from us as well.

The biggest change this year will be the addition of hiding eggs. This will be the first year we will do it at home on Easter morning.  We will be coloring eggs as well as doing the fillable plastic eggs.  Figuring out what we will give our daughter that won’t be filling her up with candy is the most difficult part. As we were brainstorming, I started to write down all of our ideas and decided to share the list with you.

The Easter basket we will fill might include a small amount of candy, but we plan on making it mostly other fun things for her. We are slowly grabbing items, so I don’t have a finished picture to show yet, but I will be posting a picture on Instagram once it is all put together.

Non- Candy Egg Fillers

  1. Bouncy balls
  2. Barrettes
  3. Hair Ties
  4. Hot Wheels Cars
  5. Crayons (a few per egg)
  6. Money
  7. Bubbles
  8. Bath Coloring Tablets
  9. Play-Doh
  10. Surprise Pouches with small figures
  11. Stickers
  12. Fruit
  13. Fruit Snacks
  14. Crackers
  15. Sticky Hands
  16. Seed Packets
  17. Fairy Garden Scene Pieces
  18. Chapstick
  19. Nail Polish
  20. Mini Slinky’s
  21. Rubber Bracelets
  22. Toy Jewelry
  23. Finger Puppets
  24. Army men
  25. Grow Capsules


Non- Candy Easter Basket

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Barbies
  3. Books
  4. Craft Kits
  5. Rain boots
  6. Umbrella
  7. Bubbles
  8. Balls
  9. Bath Toys
  10. Bath Crayons
  11. Paint
  12. Play-Doh
  13. Surprise Pouches with small figures
  14. Surprise inside bath bombs
  15. Cups
  16. Play jewelry
  17. Sunglasses
  18. New Clothes
  19. Bathing Suit
  20. Sandals
  21. Hat
  22. Beach Toys
  23. Seeds
  24. Fairy Garden Pieces
  25. Pokemon Cards
  26. Nail Polish
  27. Glow Sticks
  28. Wall Decals
  29. Garden Tools
  30. Movie
  31. Fruit Cups
  32. Stuffed Animals
  33. Action Figures
  34. Purse
  35. Puzzles

How we will fit Easter into the monthly budget

I have written about our life on a tight budget before (see this post), it isn’t something I really talk about. For me, budgeting is something I have to do, not something we do to get ahead.  While I would love the opportunity to budget to be putting money into savings or get ahead, our budget is more basic.  We budget to make it to payday.

When we know a holiday is coming we have to fit it into our tight budget, so we start by picking up a couple things a week, as we are able to. If we have a few free dollars we will grab something that we can put in her gift. It makes things even tighter, but it’s the only way we can do it without adding to our budget.

What are your favorite Easter Egg and Basket fillers?

60 Easter Egg & Basket Ideas for Toddlers #Easteregg #easterbasket #toddlereaster

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