Make the Perfect Nightly Self Care Routine

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The perfect way to end the day is to spend a little time on your own needs.  Just taking the time to unwind before you collapse on the bed is so important.  The development of a nightly self care routine will help you to have that night time routine you can stick to, and will help you relax to get more restful sleep.

The day is hectic, it’s long, and you cannot wait to collapse into bed at the end of the day, only to start it all over again tomorrow. Does that sound about right? Motherhood is filled with times when you’re so overwhelmed with keeping up with everything you need to do, that you don’t have much time to focus on what your own needs are.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, or working mom, there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all. There’s no supermom, no matter how good her life may look from the outside, she still collapses into bed at the end of her day, or she has help.  Lord knows we all could use some help in motherhood.

Do you have your self care list?

If you don’t, take a few minutes and write down everything and anything you like to do to focus on yourself, anything that you really enjoy doing and makes you feel whole. This list becomes your go to list when you have time for self care. When you find a few minutes for yourself, these are the things you should be doing first. For some inspiration, you can check out this post.

If you do, or after you write your list, you will figure out what are the things you’d like to do on a nightly basis. These will be the things that calm you and get you ready for a restful sleep. I will be adding more below, so don’t fill your time completely just yet.

How much time do you have a night?

When you’re looking at your schedule, it is the obvious place to start, how much time between when you put the kids to bed and when you crash yourself.  You need to set a time that the work stops. The dishes in the sink can wait, the mess of toys can wait. Focus on you!

Bedtime for Little Miss is usually between 7-7:30, and I make sure to stop all work by 9, which means I give myself 2-3 hours of me time a night.  Usually, my husband falls asleep by 10, so I can really do whatever I need to do in complete silence.  Our nights, up until my husband goes to bed are for us, we watch Netflix or tv, talk about whatever we need to, joke around and just use the time for each other. Once he is asleep it is all about me!

So, If my hubby is asleep by 10, I have 2 wonderful hours where the house is silent. What do I do all alone?

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My nightly routine

Once my hubby is asleep, the first thing I do is wash my face. I always use my Norwex face cloth to remove the bulk of the makeup and dirt.  Then, if I wore a lot of makeup, played outside hard, or just need a little something extra, I use my Purity facewash and Clarisonic.

After getting my face really clean, I use a good facial moisturizer. Depending on how dry my skin is, I will use one of a few that I keep on hand.  Some of my favorites are this one from Estee Lauder, one from Ca Pier Young, or my trusty friend, Ponds dry skin creme.  These 3 are in constant rotation in my cupboard and depending on how dry I am, I might also use some coconut oil.

If I’m really going all out, before I use moisturizer, I will use a sheet mask.  I have talked about my favorites so many times, but I love  the Yes To Coconut’s Hydrating Mask and the Garnier Moisture Bomb masks.  Theboth masks are readily available in my town, so I usually have them on hand. There are other brands I really enjoy, but if I can’t grab them on my errands in town I generally don’t have them.

I will then cover my body with a good body butter right before I slip into bed. I am constantly trying new ones as I find them, but as I get the chance I usually grab The Body Shop. It’s just my favorite, even though I don’t love the price.  As I find new brands, I will grab them, especially if they’re a good price.  Some are better than others, but I use so much that it goes quickly anyways.

After I finish the pampering part of my night, I will lay in bed and scroll facebook.  Since I do a lot of work on social media, I feel like I’m constantly checking it, but I rarely have time where I just scroll through what my friends are posting, so right before bed, that’s what I do. I will interact with my friends and family, find funny things, and just zone out.

Why do it?

This is the routine that works best for me.  It gives me time in the silence to really zone out and focus on myself and relationship.  I am able to spend good, quality time with my husband, and focus on what I need to do for myself.  Some days I throw in other things like painting my nails, and watching trash tv, but those are more reserved for the nights my hubby is asleep by 8pm, lol.

What is in your nightly self care routine?

A nightly self care routine is very important to busy moms. Taking time for yourself will help you to be a better version of yourself and is something everyone should be doing. #selfcareroutine #selfcareformoms #nighttimeselfcareroutine

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  1. Hannah

    May 20, 2018 at 2:35 am

    Having a wind-down before bed became really important for me shortly after I had my daughter as I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. For me, I found that reading children’s books worked the best (haha! I know, so silly). I loved Enid Blyton growing up, so I have a lot of her books, and I would just pick one and read until I started to feel more relaxed and sleepy. It was very far away from my real life and, being aimed at children, didn’t contain anything that might possibly get me worked up, so it helped very well to distract me from the tensions of the day. The other thing I did for a while was listen to a progressive muscle relaxation tape with a bunch of Psalms at the end. I think it’s good to have a routine before bed as you say – we all just need to work out what works best for us! 🙂
    Hannah from

  2. Jana

    May 19, 2018 at 1:24 am

    My routine is similar to yours except it involves a lot of work on the blog and social media before crashing in bed. Lol

  3. Tara

    May 18, 2018 at 11:18 pm

    Thanks for the skincare product recs! I love my time pampering myself at night and will check some of these out!

  4. Crystal Russell

    May 18, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    This is something I need to be much better about. Thanks for the reminder

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