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Finding your “why” is such an important part of beginning any project or  job. It is the thing that gives you purpose, that makes you work harder tomorrow than you did today.  Finding the what or the focus became more of a problem for me. Finding my why became quite clear as I developed the idea of this project.

When I began to seriously consider this blog, finding my why was easy, I grabbed a notebook and wrote down every reason why I get up and look for ways to advance our lives.

These two are my world and the reason I do anything in life.
My reason for doing everything I do.

The first reason I do anything is for my daughter and husband, this is the obvious place to start.  Without these two my life would be completely different.

The second one was also easy to find, the ability to remain a stay at home, now work from home, mom and provide extra income to our budget to give my husband a break from needing and wanting to do side jobs.

The third one came with more difficulty, but it became a focus of mine, the need for me to do something for myself each day.  I had been missing the comradery of work, talking to adults, and doing something to help my family, while using the skills I gained in college.

Many of the other reasons why became goals; pay off debt, expand our family, etc.

I knew why this journey would be important since I had been feeling a pull towards blogging for about a year now. I remember talking to one of my best friends on one of our evening walks about how I had this idea to start writing. At that point I didn’t know what I would write, and I hadn’t even thought much more of it than the few sentences that we spoke about it, but over the course of the year I found myself thinking on more than one occasion, “I could write a post about that.”

Now, most of those post ideas are long gone, but I did have time to perfect a vision.   I can see what I want to focus on, the trials of mommy-hood and ways for moms (like me and every other mom I know) to just take a few minutes a day to focus on us. Taking all the focus off the never ending pile of laundry, off the kids and husband, and off those dishes in the sink just for a few minutes because at the end of the day, in order for me to be the best possible mom I can be, I need a few minutes for me to focus on myself.  In my case, sometimes doing my hair and makeup during naptime is enough time that I feel like myself, and less like some shell of who I used to be.

My reason for doing anything in life.
A daddy’s love is forever.

This is not to imply that this new version of me is somehow less now that I’m a mother, in fact, quite the opposite.  I love the woman I have become since becoming a mother, but there are times, usually when I’m exhausted from the day, that I just need to feel like me again.    In those moments, simply taking the time during Emma’s nap, or after Jorden gets home and can take over to really focus on me, whether that be doing my makeup, or taking a long hot shower, I can walk back into our family and really be me again.

So after establishing my focus, what pushed me to writing my thoughts out for the world to see?

My push to first discuss my ideas with my husband and a few other select people came with a financial hardship.  Both my husband and I want me to stay home with our daughter. It is something we are both passionate about and we make the necessary sacrifices so that we can make this happen.  Through the hardships of living on one income I felt as though I needed to help my husband provide for our family.

I started direct selling Norwex at first, because it was affordable to start, and something I’m passionate about using.  I loved the job and selling the products, but I just don’t have the drive for direct sales. As I was finding the end of my parties, as I had already asked anyone and everyone I could possibly think of, this pull to blog just kept growing.

The more I discussed with my friends and family, the more I believed that this is my next step.

Me and my husband on a road trip
Riding with my husband

As time went on, my reason why to take the leap became more and more clear.  A lot had happened that changed our situation and I just felt I was ready to begin.  I wanted a way to help our monthly budget, while staying home.  When I began researching ways to make money blogging it all became clear that this could be our answer.

This became the jumping off point. It was now or never to do something, anything to add to our monthly budget.  My dream is that you find this a place of encouragement and ideas to help you do something for yourself without guilt, as moms we carry enough guilt around with us.


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