Margarita Salt Scrub

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Sun, Sand, and a Margarita in your Hand!

I know it’s only March, but some of us are ready for warmer weather, sun, sand, and margaritas. This Salt Scrub is perfect for getting your skin summer ready, with the fragrance of limes  to give you that beachy smell.

I know that I cant be the only one craving summer sun and warmth in March. With Spring Break starting already I know many people are enjoying that dream in the sun. Meanwhile in Michigan, it’s almost 50F and rainy.

This scrub is so refreshing for when you want that mental break, and smells of summer. Use your me time on a mental vacation with this margarita salt scrub.

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I will also give some additions you can put in this salt scrub to change it up if salt and lime isn’t your thing.

What you’ll need


mixing bowl
measuring cup
box grater with small side or hand zester
small jar or spice container (I like reusing empty spice containers for this, as you’ll see below)


Coconut Oil
Epsom Salt
1 Lime

Optional Ingredients

Lime Essential Oil
Vanilla Essential Oil

Making your salt scrub

This is a super easy to make scrub that smells great and leaves the skin feeling soft & refreshed.

  1. Measure 1/3 cup Epsom Salt into the mixing bowl. Use the spoon to get rid of any clumps.
  2. Zest your lime into the salt. (*you can also cut into the lime and put the juice in your mixture.
  3. Measure out 2 tbsp of Coconut Oil and melt (you could also use a fractionated coconut oil here so it will not solidify, or any other nourishing oil like an argan oil).
  4. Add Oil to the salt & lime mixture slowly.
  5. Mix together thoroughly. You can make this as dry or wet as you prefer by adjusting the amount of oil
  6. Put into a small jar or empty spice container.

This salt scrub is so easy to make and comes together in a flash.  I really like reusing old spice containers for this scrub since it’s more hygienic to be able to shake or pour a little out compared to dipping your fingers in a jar.


3 Ingredient Margarita Salt Scrub. You can store this scrub in an empty spice container so you can shake or pour the scrub out making it more hygienic. | More at Mommy Takes 5

I have really enjoyed this salt scrub. It actually reminds me a lot of an old candle I loved burning in the spring.  Most of the time I am all for warmer scents, but when it gets to this time of year I want everything to smell really fresh. This salt scrub definitely delivers.

Make it your own

There are so many variations you could make using the lime scent. Vanilla would be amazing with it.Changing the oil to one of your favorite scents would also add to the benefits. Using something like argan oil would really amp up the benefits to your skin.  Adding in essential oils would add a stronger fragrance, but as it is now it has a good balance of lime and salt.  Not too citrus-y but you can definitely smell the lime in there.

A salt scrub is a little too abrasive for my skin type, so I have to be gentle and use it sparingly.

If you like to pamper yourself with a good salt or sugar scrub, and the scent of a lime/ margarita, then this is the scrub you want to make.  #salt scrub #bathproducts #skincare

What kinds of fragrances do you enjoy most? Do you like using scrubs?

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