Low Budget Easter Basket for Toddlers

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Sometimes holidays come around and the budget really doesn’t call for a big celebration. When this happens you need some low budget options for your child’s Easter basket. It is possible to make a fun basket for your little ones without spending much, especially when they’re toddlers.

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It just so happens that Easter this year comes at a time when we have big bills to pay, which means we wont be going crazy with what we get for E’s basket. We know she will just be having fun hunting for eggs for the first time, and really getting the experience.

5 Things we will be putting in our toddler’s Easter basket.

1- Plastic eggs

We will probably be coloring real eggs, but every time E sees the plastic eggs in the store she wants them. So to appease her, we will get a pack of eggs (like these cute glittery ones) and put her food treats in them.

2- The basket

We have a plastic bucket like this one from last year, that we will reuse for this year. The good thing about these plastic buckets is they’re durable enough for repeated use, and will hold up to a toddler’s antics. These baskets from Target are also quite affordable. The tin ones or fabric ones would also be durable enough for a toddler to use.

3- Treats

Since my toddler doesn’t need candy, especially since grandma’s and grandpa’s will be giving her plenty, we will opt for other options such as granola bars, fruit snacks, and crackers. We will probably get fruit snacks for inside her eggs, and other snacks for in her basket. We still need to grab these things and will see what is on sale to get the best deal.

4- Something to Read

Our girl loves to read.  If she had her way we would read every single book on her shelf multiple times each day. For Christmas, she got many books, but a few of them were hand me downs from her older cousins.  She is at an age that it doesn’t matter where it comes from, as long as it’s new she is excited.

We will still get her a new Easter book to enjoy. Target has such a great selection of board books, that she will love.

5- Something to play with

Since her basket will look a little bare, we will opt for a small toy or something she can play with. Right now she is really into Little People, and these small sets are a great price, or even these small Tsum Tsum Disney characters would be great. Other things like balls, beach/ sand toys, bubbles and stuffed animals are great options as well.


Things we will skip putting in the Easter basket

Our daughter isn’t quite 2 yet, so there are certain things we can skip giving her this year and for a while. There are also things that are just filler, and she doesn’t actually need yet.

  • Easter grass- Even with older kids it gets everywhere. It’s just filler, and while it does make it look nice and pretty, it isn’t a necessity.  If we gave it to our toddler she would have it everywhere and I’d be picking it up for months.
  • Candy- This may seem harsh, but since she is too little for jelly beans, and doesn’t need the extra sugar, we will opt for treats that are a little healthier. She would be happy if a box of Cheez-It’s made its way in her basket and nothing else, luckily our local grocery store has small boxes for $1 so we will stock up. Her grandparents will be giving her enough sweets that she definitely wont need them from us.
  • A new Easter Dress & Shoes– This will really only work for us this year. It just so happens that her flower girl dress & the sandals she wore for our wedding last august still fit her. Actually, they fit her perfectly now.  All I will have to do is let out the stitches where I made her dress fit better.  Her feet are so small that she had sandals that were big on her, but they were as small as I could get in a hard sole sandal at the time. Now they fit perfectly.


We are still working on our family traditions, but she will be participating in her first Easter egg hunt this weekend. We will have a wonderful time at Easter mass, and then have family dinner.  Next weekend, we will travel to her other grandparents and we will have another dinner and egg hunt with her cousins.

What are your family traditions for Easter? What do you include in a Easter basket?


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  1. Rita

    April 13, 2017 at 9:36 am

    We must be on the same wave length. Easter Grass is the devil. However, I did find edible Easter grass this year. I wasn’t up to trying it, but at least it won’t hide in all corners of your home, right? 😂

    1. Becky Miller

      April 13, 2017 at 2:54 pm

      Yes Rita!!! It is evil stuff. Not sure how I feel about edible Easter grass lol. I’m sure my daughter would love it…. but then do I really want to teach her to eat grass hahahahah!

  2. Jennifer

    April 11, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Honestly, I think your ideas are wonderful. We skip the easter grass too. We have pets and I worry about them eating it. What we did last year was run some colored paper through our paper shredder. It worked out great! We do a small egg hunt, color eggs, do small baskets and have a nice family dinner together.

    1. Becky Miller

      April 11, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      Jennifer, glad I’m not the only one skipping grass in the basket. We will definitely be coloring eggs as well and might have our little search for them. I’m just unsure of them sitting out all night, she is usually up by 5:30 so we won’t have time in the morning.

  3. nicki

    April 11, 2017 at 10:45 am

    I will be also getting my son something to read for Easter/his egg hunt. I have the little plastic eggs to put treats in an am going to write clues for the places, he is 4 and this will be his first egg hunt

    1. Becky Miller

      April 11, 2017 at 2:06 pm

      I love that idea Nicki! My little one is almost 2, so she wouldn’t understand yet, but I really like that idea.

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