Trying Lose the Baby Weight over 30

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Our babies are the light of our lives. They are miraculous. What they do to our bodies, while wonderful, changes everything. When you have your first baby at 30 it really changes things because you don’t have the metabolism of a younger mom. Trying to lose the baby weight over 30 is going to take a lot of work, but this is just part 1 of what will be a series of posts about my weight loss journey.

In this series of posts I’m going to get really personal. I am making these posts in real time, probably monthly, and I will be using my real numbers. I will be talking about my mindset as I go through this journey, my eating habits, and all other habits I replace

A little background information

Before getting pregnant, I had lost over 20 pounds in a summer, going from 190 to 167, with dieting and walking. It was glorious! I was feeling so great about myself that year, looking better than I had in years, and was back into a size I wore in my early 20’s. Things were amazing and I was setting my next goal, to lose 20 more.

167 pounds, feeling so great & confident.

Then I got pregnant, and I really struggled with the mental part of gaining weight. I had just worked so hard to lose 20 pounds and I ended up gaining about 50 pounds during pregnancy. I felt like a beached whale.

After giving birth, I got down to 177. I was motivated to lose that last 10 pounds, but the lack of sleep, caring for a newborn, and life happened. Which meant that I gained back everything I had initially lost over that last 3 years.

180 Pounds… about as low as I got post baby

Where am I now? Well, as of today i’m at 191 again. Right back where I started. I feel miserable in my body. Nothing fits me right anymore. My stomach hangs because of my C-section. It’s not a pretty picture.

I am ready for a change. I started February by cutting back my portions and as of today I am jumping in with both feet. My mind is set on my goals, I know I can do this because I’ve done it before.

My goals

  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Feel good in my skin again
  • Tone my stomach- lose the pooch
  • Be more active with my daughter
  • Cut back on sugar and carbs at least 75% (I’m a sweets person & I get mean when I don’t have sugar)
  • Cut portions- no more seconds
  • Watch snacking
  • Track food intake via My Fitness Pal
  • Start wearing my FitBit again
  • Drink more water
  • Work out 3 days a week
  • Go for as many walks as possible once spring arrives
  • Write a blog post once a month about my progress

Day 1

So, kind of on a whim, but not really, yesterday my best friend and I agreed to start today. This came after a long discussion with my husband about us dieting and working out together and just being supportive of each others goals. We both want to get healthier, and my bestie & I have been having a similar conversation as well.

Summer 2018. Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

Last year I completed almost 60 days of Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 7.0 before starting over because 2 of my friends were going to join me. When they fell off, I did too and I never recovered. So today I turned on the challenge 7.0 Day 1 again and got to work.

Day 1 is always a rough one, but doing it today made me realize how much I had fallen off in the last year. It was a struggle doing most of the workout and my knees were cracking and hurting as I moved. A sure sign of how bad I’ve let my body get.

If you aren’t familiar with Bikini Body Mommy but you’re looking for a program to do for yourself, I would definitely recommend it. Briana Cristine is such an inspiration, and if you’re like me and struggle to do video-based workouts because it’s so repetitious and the trainers are thin & not struggling with the same issues as I am. You will love this.

She is a busy mom, who is dealing with kids, pregnancy, and trying to be the healthiest version of herself as possible. The best part for me is there is a different video for each day of the program (except for sunday which is rest day). You aren’t repeating the same video for 30 days. Each day is slightly different so it keeps my attention.

Post workout thoughts

The selfie I sent my bestie. Sweaty & sore but feeling great. Making goals and sticking to them.

Wow, is my body out of it. Even though I did 2/3rds of this challenge a year ago, that year did a number on my body and I really am starting over. My knees were popping like Rice Krispies, and I can already feel that I will be sore in the morning.

On the upside, I feel great. I have energy that has been lacking, and I feel ready to conquer my day. I’m not going to just float on through my day, I’m making my day work for me! I’ve got my block schedule working, and now my mind is focused on the goals at hand as well.

So, what can you expect from me? Well, like I wrote above, I plan on updating you on my progress monthly. I will be posting more often updates over on my Instagram page and Facebook page.

If you want to join me in my weight loss journey, please, message me, email me, or comment here. How are you doing on your goals to lose the baby weight? What struggles are you having? What goals are you crushing? Let’s motivate each other.

Sharing is caring!

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