How to build a self-care kit

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When you get serious about self-care it is important to start a stash of products you can grab from to use often. These products are going to be the ones that you constantly want to go back to again and again. Your self-care kit should include all of your favorites, so here is what is in mine.

When you get serious about tackling your self-care on a regular basis, you will find that you’re drawn to certain products over and over again. I have a little basket of things that I keep on hand for when I need a little me time. This little basket of goodies is stocked regularly with things I want to try and things I love most.

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TL;DR- These are a few of my favorite things (you have to sing it though…). Want to see it all in one place? Check out my kit!

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The basket

I have used a few options to find what works best for me. These have ranged from using throwing them on the bathroom cupboard shelf, to now having a perfectly sized basket to hold everything. Initially, I just put everything on the shelf and after a few days, it was a jumbled mess.

Now I have a cute little basket that I bought from a 31 party. This little basket is a perfect size to hold all of my favorite things in one spot and doesn’t take up much space. I like the size of it a lot, it holds just enough and doesn’t take up much space. Other baskets I have used in the past have been too large for this purpose, and everything ended up just thrown in there.

Another option for a basket would be this super cute linen basket. I love the style of this one and would probably grab it if I wasn’t so happy with my 31 party basket. I prefer something in the general 6-8 inch range. When I used a traditional basket that was about 12 inches square it was too large. I always go with what I already have first and go from there.

Now, this basket is kept in my bathroom, so it holds the beauty-related things that I use regularly. I have other things I like to do, such a read, that are kept separate because I don’t want to keep them in the bathroom.

A few of my favorite things

So, what do I keep in my basket? This changes around a lot as I use and try new products, but my old stand-by’s don’t change by a whole lot.

Sheet masks are probably my #1 go-to product. I have extremely dry skin, so doing a hydrating mask happens at least once to twice a week, especially in winter. Right now, I’m loving these Burts Bees Hydrating Sheet Masks.

I am also a big fan of the Yes to Coconuts line. This line is so hydrating, but a word of caution, the sheet mask set will burn a little when you put it on. It’s not uncomfortable for me, but one of my friends can’t handle it.

The Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb masks are another favorite. These ones are easy enough to find everywhere and make my skin feel great. You can probably see the trend. I need moisture in my skin! Give me all the hydrating sheet masks available.

Tree Hut scrubs are some of my favorite from the store, even though I love making my own, sometimes I just want certain fragrances. These ones are a great price and have some amazing scents.

Nail Polish is another must have in my self-care basket. One of my favorite brands is Sinful Colors. They have a great selection, great coverage, and a great price. I can find mine at Walmart near me, and possibly at RiteAid. I am open to a lot of brands, usually whatever brand has the shade I’m looking for is what I grab.

The Wet N Wild 1 step gel nail polish is another great option. This one stays on for a good amount of time before chipping, and they have a lot of super cute colors. Plus, who can beat that Wet n Wild price?!

Don’t forget a good bottle of polish remover and some cotton pads!

Bath bombs are a must have for any relaxing bath. The fragrance and fizz from a good bath bomb can’t be beaten. I love keeping some bath bombs on hand for the off chance I get the time to take a bath. It’s not always possible as a busy mom, but when the time comes it’s good to be stocked up.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner is amazing for my hair. Just as the rest of my body, my hair is super dry and gets frizzy quite easy. Taming it down with a good leave-in conditioner is key to making this crazy frizz under control.

I change up what I’m using all the time, so it’s not often that I buy this one, even though it’s my favorite. I love to buy the little mini-bottles of argan oil quite often.

Speaking of Argan Oil. This hair mask from Hask is so good. I love the smell, it’s not overpowering but leaves your hair smelling great. The product is nice and thick. Plus, you get a great amount in this packet. It’s more than enough to thoroughly coat my hair, and I have a lot of thick curly hair.

Want to see more of my favorites?

I have a few kit’s set up for you to look at on Kit. This allows me to continually add favorites as I find them and I can share them with all of you easily. It also makes it easy to shop because you can add the items right from Kit to your Amazon cart. If you like everything in a kit, you can just click the buy all button and it will all go to your cart.

Check out my kits here!

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