Gift Ideas for the Hallmark Christmas Movie Lover

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It is almost that magical time, the time when there is nothing to watch but whatever Hallmark Christmas Movie is playing. This is the time of the year that I look forward to all year long. Watching Hallmark Christmas movies is something that makes my home feel warm & fuzzy.

They might all be predictable within the first 10 minutes, and they might all have a similar storyline, but they’re loved by so many of us. I know, that if you’re obsessed like me, you are nodding in agreement, because while they might be predictable, they’re all perfect. Plus, who doesn’t love romance at Christmas? It just gives you the warm fuzzies.

If you or someone you know loves a good Hallmark Christmas movie, then this is a perfect gift list.

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A good cocoa mug

I love a good cup of cocoa on a chilly day. I am not a coffee drinker, so for me, my drink of choice will forever be cocoa. What would be better at showing it off than a mug that will show your dedication?

So, while you’re drinking your cocoa and enjoying your Christmas romance, you can use something that will tell your family what your plans will be for the next few months.

A Keurig

I am in love with my Keurig, and you need to fill that mug with something. I know they are incredibly wasteful, but since we aren’t a family who drinks coffee, other than the one cup my husband might make every month, it doesn’t cause much waste from us. If you’re concerned, you can use a refillable pod.

For me, and my cocoa love, I just use this to warm my water. It gives me perfectly hot water in such a short time and makes for fewer dishes. I also love that I can use whichever cocoa I want since I’m just using it for hot water.

The Self-Care Reboot

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A cute t-shirt

I’m so in love with this t-shirt. It completely sums up my feelings once fall hits. I’m ready to bake everything I can, drink a boatload of cocoa, and watch some lovey-dovey cheesy movies and enjoy the warmth of my woodstove.

This shirt is so cute. I love the color and design. It is in my cart to buy because I want it right away.

The perfect socks

Ok, when I was scrolling Amazon trying to find some of the best things to put on this list, I had to stop at these. These are phenomenal.

These socks are a perfect gift for any of us that are addicted to watching marathons of Hallmark Christmas movies. Plus, my family really could use the Do Not Disturb notice.

A perfect candle to set the mood

Ok, so this is just something I had to include too. I’m not even sure what the ratings on this are, but it was too perfect not to include in this list.

What Hallmark movie candle lover wouldn’t find this hilarious and perfect? Even if you don’t go with this exact one, a candle that burns great, and adds a great Christmas fragrance would make for a great gift.

A cozy blanket

One of my absolute favorite things to snuggle up with is a nice cozy blanket. Now, I have my favorite blanket, which is like this one. It’s absolutely amazing, soft, and comfortable. This blanket is always on my sofa with me. It’s the best.

Then I found this. Now, it doesn’t have the most reviews…. but how could I not include it?! Who doesn’t need a dedicated blanket just for watching their favorite Christmas movies?

Ok, so, I have to know. What is your favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie? Or which actress/ actor is your favorite?

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