How I Get Paid to Shop

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I am so excited for the coming weeks, I know this has nothing to do with this weeks post, but after spending my day brainstorming ideas to take me through the new year…. I can say this is going to be good.   A really big part of the plans for the upcoming holidays (can you believe we are already discussing the holiday season? I cannot) is saving and making money in any way we can.  Through a referral, like you’ll find in this post, I get paid to shop!

Note: The links in this post are referral links. I will receive compensation for any referrals made, but the best part is you will get a $10 welcome bonus after successfully redeeming a rebate and you’ll also have the opportunity to get referral bonuses for referring your friends and family. 

How I get paid to shop

I think the most important starting point is how this is possible.  I started using an app downloaded on my phone called Ibotta.  Using the app, or their website, I just simply look through the available rebates for whichever store I am shopping at. These rebates generally range from .25c on up to $5 (or more)  or even a percentage of the total spent.

When I look through the available rebates I cross check my shopping list. Sometimes just switching a brand will get me a rebate on something I’m already going to spend money on. For a couple weeks there was a rebate for $2 on Pull-Ups brand training pants, we usually buy the Pampers Easy Ups because my daughter seems to do better with them, but since we could get the rebate we switched to Pull-Ups to get money back.  I have bought Country Crock instead of whatever is on sale because of getting money back.

How It Works

So it’s super simple.  You follow this link here to download the app, or to access their website. After completing the sign up you just simply load which rebates you want on your account.  You can link your loyalty cards right on the app, which is very convenient as they automatically access your receipt and match up any of the rebate items you have purchased.

After shopping, if your rewards card isn’t connected, you simply use their app to scan your entire receipt and submit it. Within 48 hours you will get the money for the rebates you redeemed put into your Ibotta account.  Really though, I have never waited longer than a few hours before it is deposited.

Get Paid

To get your money out of your Ibotta account, you simply choose if you want it put onto a gift card or deposited into your PayPal account.  They have a nice selection of stores to get gift cards through, but I think PayPal is my favorite option since I would be able to use it anywhere I choose.

Now, full disclosure, even though I have enough money banked that I can cash out, the money is safer in that account than in my PayPal, so I cannot tell you how long it takes to get deposited into PayPal or any of the gift card options. I’m saving my money up for Christmas gifts… or maybe a little something special for me. I haven’t decided yet.

They have a large selection of rebates for alcohol- beer, wine, liquor- I have gotten a couple good size rebates from alcohol.  If you don’t drink (Lord bless ya) you have an option to shut off all the alcohol rebates.

How Much Have I Made?

I have written about our financial situation before, so we don’t do a lot of frivolous spending, and our grocery budget is quite strict. I think if you had more wiggle room in your budget you could blow my total out of the water.   So in the 5 weeks that I have used Ibotta, I have made $28 back.  I know I missed some opportunities to get even more back because we sometimes shop at a local grocery store that isn’t on the app.

This total doesn’t include my $10 bonus for getting my first rebate. so really I have made $38 so far.

I have also gotten a $1 bonus for taking a quick survey about a product I loaded the rebate of but hadn’t bought yet.  It’s something I will buy, but my store didn’t have the flavor I wanted, so I need to go to a different store.  That was one of the easiest dollars I’ve made.


    • Easy to use
    • Get paid to shop
    • Getting paid to buy the things you’re going to buy anyways
    • Extra shopping money
    • Any Brand rebates. These things are great! Need Eggs? Here’s .25c. Need Milk? Another .25c.
    • Any Item, Any Brand rebates. .25c just for making a purchase.
    • Works for online shopping, but you MUST go through their app to get the rebates.
    • Many stores to choose from, not all just grocery shopping
    • Many bonuses available for extra cash, who doesn’t like extra cash?


  • If you’re not buying the big ticket items it can take a while to load
  • There aren’t many rebates available for “any store” which means it can be hard when you shop locally and not through a chain store.
  • Some items you need to watch for the size or you won’t get your rebate.

As you can see there are more pros than cons for me. It is something I make sure to go through before we go shopping each weekend. I am willing to bend on certain products in order to get a few dollars back.

Here is the link to the app one more time.  Remember, I will get a $5 reward if you sign up through my link, but when you get your first rebate you will get a $10 bonus in your account.

I definitely recommend this app to anyone and everyone!

Have you heard of the Ibotta app? Have you used the app before? What do you think about it? How much have you saved using Ibotta?


Sharing is caring!

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