3 Genius Ways to Get More Self-Care Into Your Days

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We all read how it’s important to take time for ourselves all over the internet. If you’ve read something I’ve written before, it’s most likely about self-care. As busy moms, one thing we struggle with is the feeling that we aren’t doing this self-care thing right. What we need, is ways to fit in extra self-care throughout our days.

We see images of professional massages, long beach vacations, and peaceful bubble baths. These things aren’t realistic for most of us on a regular basis. We are busy, we most likely have other financial obligations, and we don’t have time to devote hours each week to having peace & quiet.

It’s time to change the thoughts around self-care some. While spa visits, long peaceful vacations, and quiet time are all wonderful and definitely fill your heart, it’s not something most of us can do weekly. Maybe one day we will have that, but for me, that isn’t happening yet. Which means, it is important to focus on me in the midst of the chaos.

These are the best ways I have found to slip more self-care into my day. They’re free and easy to do each day.

The Use of Headphones

Okay, so I’m not talking about drowning out the kids and not listening, but I love grabbing my headphones and putting one side in my ear. I can still hear what’s happening in my house, but I can still listen to whatever is playing.

Most days, I’m listening to podcasts or music- the Bowling for Soup Pandora station is amazing to lift my mood. I love putting on something that I know will brighten my mood and get me moving. It’s so simplistic, but as someone who really loves music, I can tell when I need some good uplifting music in my life.

Doing this is so simple, but it really makes a difference in how I feel about things. It is something that connects with a true part of myself. I need to have that time to let go and get lost in myself for a little while. My favorite time to do this (with or without headphones) is when I’m getting myself ready for the day. I can crank up the music and really just get lost in what i’m doing.

Get outside

I love being outside, especially on a perfectly sunny day. I will work on my flower pots, take my laptop outside, or kick the ball around with Little Miss. She gets to play, run, slide, and do whatever she wants during that time. I can keep an eye on her the whole time, and work on focusing on things that bring me joy.

Another way I get outside that I talk a lot about is going for walks. We go for walks as a family and I also go with a friend. When we go as a family it’s less therapeutic than when I go with my friend, but both work in their own way. Our family walks mean switching off who pushes the stroller and is more of a workout in this hilly neighborhood. When I go with my friend, we still have hills to challenge us, but we can talk about everything that we have on our hearts, makeup, kids, marriage, family, you name it. When we walk it’s like therapy.

Those walks with my friend are walks that we crave. We constantly are trying to plan out our next walking day because we know we will leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off our chest and with sore legs. When we go, our husbands know not to expect us for hours because we walk 5 or so miles and sometimes stand at our cars talking more because the walk wasn’t long enough.

Dance Party

As I said above, I feel most like myself when I’m listening and enjoying good music. One thing that I don’t always do is have a dance party. This is when we turn the music up loud-ish (little miss has sensitive ears so it’s never very loud) and dance all around the house. We do this while we clean up toys, fold laundry, or just between projects.

At this point, Little Miss asks for dance parties. She loves that connection between the two of us, and I love that she is learning that she can dance away here worries or to make herself feel better. My whole goal ends up being to make sure that I am okay, but at that same time, show Little Miss that she can take good care of herself and be a good mom.

A bonus way to get more self-care

Read a good book. Reading is one of my absolute favorite things and while I could point you in the direction of 50 great books, I want to talk to you about one specific book.

The Self-Care Reboot is filled with inspiration and tips to get your back into the self-care routine. No need to suffer through motherhood, neglecting yourself when you can reboot your routine and make it work for you. This book was a passion project for me and I really poured my heart out to you in it.

If you want to see more about the book, read testimonials from real moms who read the book, or want to grab a copy for you or a friend, then click the link below.

The Self-Care Reboot

Get your copy to the ultimate guide to creating a self-care routine that works for your life. No more struggling to get enough self-care in, your routine will work for you each and every day.

What is your holy grail way to get some extra self-care?

Want to get some more self-care ideas? This post has 36 free ideas for you!

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