21 Fun Christmas Decorations You’ll Regret Not Getting on Prime

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So, for some people, it’s way too early to think about decorating. We have to have Thanksgiving after all. Then there’s the rest of us, the ones who consider if September is too early, or if we should wait until Halloween is over. I’m firmly in the later category. I wait until Halloween is over, but that’s about it for me.  Regardless of when you prefer to decorate, these beautiful and fun Christmas decorations are must buys to decorate every room of your home. 

Every year I love to add more decorations to my home. I strive to really make it a winter wonderland in my home and the more fun Christmas decorations I have the better it seems. 

I absolutely love snowmen and more whimsical decorations, so don’t be surprised when you notice a lot of them on this list. 

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For the kitchen

Kitchen Handle Covers
The ones I have aren’t this cute, so I will probably be upgrading, but I love my kitchen handle covers. I use the 2 vertical ones on my refrigerator and the horizontal one on my oven. They’re just so cute and add a nice touch to the kitchen. 

Fun Dish Towels– 
I have fun dish towels for every season and replace them frequently. I love to grab them when I see cute ones, that way I can change them out frequently. Finding good cotton ones is definitely one of my favorite finds. 

Chair back covers-
These are so cute! It almost makes me want to get new chairs for my table so these will work. This would be such a cute way to decorate your kitchen bar stools or even around your dining table. They do have many designs available, even santa hats.


For the family room

Countdown calendar– 
I love a good countdown calendar and this style is by far my favorite. It obviously matches my snowman decor and is a fun visual for how many days there are until Christmas Day. My goal is to one day use this in conjunction with an Advent calendar, so we can talk about the religious side of Christmas more with Little Miss. 

An Advent Calendar
I can’t wait to get an Advent calendar for our home. Each day is a little drawer that you can fill with a small gift, a bible verse, a piece or two of chocolate, or anything you could think of. Each day you open the drawer and get something that helps draw you closer to the miracle of Christmas.


A leg lamp-
Every Christmas Story loving home needs a Leg Lamp displayed proudly. About 10 or so years ago my parents got one as a joke, but it is still displayed each year, sometimes right in the front window.  It is definitely something to make you smile each Christmas season. 

For any room

Christmas Table/ Shelf Decorations- 
These little table or shelf decorations are perfect for your Christmas table or just to add a little something to any area of the home. You could even gift a couple of them if you wanted, since they come as a set of 6. 

Burlap Banner
A fun burlap banner is perfect for anyone who decorates with rustic decor. This is something you could use in any room of your home. I love how it looks pictured here over the fireplace, but think I would find somewhere else to personally use it.


Throw Pillow Covers
Covering up your existing throw pillows is a great way to decorate without the need to have a completely separate set of pillows. Who wants to store a whole set of throw pillows anyways?

Window clings
I use window clings every season and love grabbing new ones any time I’m able. This set is one I love because of the volume of snowflakes you get in the package. I have 2 large windows that I decorate and this would give me good coverage of those windows. 

Mercury Glass Trees– 
These trees are so pretty and mercury glass is such a beautiful finish on glass. It would be perfect for anyone who decorates in silver, rustic, or antique styles. I am in love with all these style choices, so I am completely in love with these trees. 

Shower Curtain
I sat here thinking I’d never decorate in the bathroom, but here I am showing off a shower curtain. This is as far as I go in the bathroom, but it’s still super cute.  There are so many really cute shower curtains for Christmas, you can easily find something to match your decorations. 

Kids Felt Tree
This kids’ felt tree lets them decorate their own tree over and over, while (ideally) leaving yours alone. This tree comes with felt ornaments that can be moved and placed in any spot on the tree, giving your little one the freedom to decorate their tree over and over. 

For the tree

A fun tree skirt
I love a fun tree skirt under my tree. I am in love with this one and will most likely be upgrading from my misspelled one this year. Although I am attached to my hand me down, misspelled one, this one is much cuter. 

Mini Lantern Ornaments
These little mini lantern ornaments are so cute and would look amazing on a tree. Each one lights up and is battery operated.  I am definitely in love with lantern decor, and these are no exception to that. 

Tree Topper
I am in love with Willow Tree figures and this tree topper is no exception to that.  I love how this combines the idea of an angel and a star together. Love Love Love this one and it definitely went straight into my cart as soon as I found it. 

Ribbon for the Tree
I love putting ribbon and garland around my tree. It just adds so much to the overall look of the tree. This burlap one is so cute with the printed “Merry Christmas” on it.


For ornaments, I have to recommend checking out Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. I’m not affiliated with them, I make no money from mentioning them, but I have to mention them because they’re the best! If you’re in Michigan or visiting Michigan, go to Frankenmuth and stock up on ornaments & take in the Christmas Spirit.  If you’re just wanting to look, go check out their website & you can order from them online.  

For outside

A giant snowman inflatable– 
This snowman is giant, but oh so cute. He stands 15 feet tall which is just awesome. Who’s house wouldn’t look amazing with this guy standing guard outside.  I love the inflatable decorations, especially since they’re easy enough to turn off and have them lay flat on the ground. 

Porch light covers-
Oh. My. Goodness! These porch light covers are so stinking cute! They went straight into my Amazon cart because I must have them this year. They use an elastic strap to harmlessly attach to your existing porch lights. They would be really cute if you could attach them to a wall sconce in your home as well. 

Outdoor Projector-
There are so many different projectors available on the market now. They definitely make decorating outside a breeze, and some are super cute. With so many available it definitely doesn’t have to be this one, but they’re totally worth it.


Doorway Banners
These cute banners are perfect along each side of your doorway and add something special to your porch. These could also be used indoors along windows or sliding glass doors. So many possibilities with these. 

What style do you decorate in?
Did I miss something wonderful from this list? 

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