How to Take Time for Self Care When You Aren’t Home

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Finding time for self care when you’re busy with family activities can be so difficult.  Taking a few minutes for myself is a constant priority in my life. It is something I strive for each and every day, so I try to find sneaky ways to fit it in throughout my normal day.

When you’re on a consistent schedule, it can be easier to figure out where it can fit in. You can find those 5-minute holes in your day to do something for yourself. When your schedule is thrown for a loop, whether that means the kids are home for summer vacation, you go on a family trip, or it’s just a busy day running errands, it is still important to take a little time for yourself.

On Vacation

Our family just got back from vacation, it was an amazing time away camping with my in-laws for 5 days.  There are some things that just fill my soul, the woods and the water are 2 of mine, so camping along a beautiful river in Northern Michigan was perfect for me.  We were there with a large group, we had 4 sites in the campground to hold all of us. With all those people around, finding time to myself wasn’t easy.

These sunets over the river were just too beautiful for words.

So where did I find moments to myself?

In a few places

  • I sat and watched the sunset over the river each night. It was just a few moments, and there were kids playing all around, but I needed that little break for myself by the end of the day
  • We utilized the adults only time in the pool.  Each day the first and last hour were adults only, which meant there were hardly any people there (usually just us), and it was so peaceful.  This adult time was so welcome after long days with the kids, which were so much fun, but long.
  • I took a shower to myself.  WHAT?!?! I know… One day I decided I didn’t want to fight my daughter in the shower again, so I went and showered alone.  Nobody knocking on my door, nobody was needing to go potty. Just me, and my own thoughts. It was heavenly.
  • Soaking up the little moments.  We went to the Dinosaur Gardens which were amazing, and while walking through the woods along the path, I took in the scenery and beauty. Yes, we stopped to check out the dinosaurs, and let the kids have fun posing with each dinosaur, but the beauty of the woods was not lost on me.

  • Minimal social media. You probably noticed this if you follow me on social media (if you don’t you should) but it was really noticeable on my personal pages where I didn’t respond to people or pay much attention to anything for 5 days.  Yes, I posted a few pictures, but I really enjoyed putting my phone down and not worry about what was going on online.

Touring the Dinosaur Gardens near Alpena Michigan.

Can I say that I took 5 minutes a day? No, not really. It was probably less than that, but since the woods and water refill my soul, just looking over the water as we spent time outside in the wooded lots was enough for me.  The chance to unplug for a while really helped as well, and it was hard to come back and get into the routine again…. Hence, no post last week, sorry.

Staring off into the bonfire is one of the ways I was able to really focus on myself while camping with our family

On Busy Days

Today was such a busy day. It really has been a busy week getting back into the swing of things, but today we were on the road for hours.  We woke up, got ready and left home, went shopping, stopped by my parents, and were off to the woods for my husband to check on the deer blinds and set up his new feeder.

Such a beautiful sight. A father & daughter walk through the woods. One of my favorite sights.

So when things get busy, like they were today, how do I find some time for myself? Again, I soak up the little moments.

  • While peanut slept my husband and I had a great chat. We talked about our future, things we want to do, and just had some laughs.
  • While he was doing his thing checking on blinds and whatever else, peanut and I walked around the woods and enjoyed the sun shining through the trees.  I took pictures of nature’s beauty, and of my little family.
  • When we finally got home I decided to put laundry away in our bedroom. I locked the door, put on music and took my time.

Some of the biggest tips

  1. Soak up the little moments. Find the beauty where you are, get lost in your own thoughts, and allow it to fill you up.
  2. Let go of the guilt you feel when you take time for yourself. It’s something we all struggle with but only hurts you in the long run.

What are some ways you like to focus on yourself with a busy schedule?

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