DIY Self Care Jar

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If you’ve read my blog before or explored around, you’ll notice that the one thing that I am most passionate about in motherhood is self care. I believe that in order to be the best possible mom you can be, you need to take care of yourself regularly. After a little time, your usual self care routine can get a little mundane, so to spice things up, I made this DIY Self Care Jar, so I can fill it with my favorite things and pull out a stick that will tell me what I get to do.

Why should I make a self care jar?

I found that I was in a self care rut, doing the same thing over and over, and losing steam to do it each day. I also found that it was no longer filling my heart the way that it did before it just became routine and mundane. I needed to do something that would spice it up and give me even more variety. 

I broke my favorite things to do up into 2 categories: free, or low budget & splurges. I don’t always have the budget to really splurge on my wants, but this will help me decide on what I will do when I find myself with the time and budget. 

I will post a list of ideas down below to use on your sticks

This also helps keep me from wasting valuable time trying to choose what I want to do. When you have little ones, your time is so limited that you can’t waste your valuable time trying to decide what you want, which we know ultimately just leads to scrolling facebook for far too long.  HAHAHA

What you’ll need

This project was so easy and just took a few minutes to complete. With a few colorful additions you could decorate your jar however you want.  I used glitter tape to make it a little special and sparkly. It would be so cute to display on a dresser or vanity.  I haven’t found a permanent home for mine yet but it’s getting used, which is the most important part. 

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Assembling your jar

First, I started by wrapping the washi tape around one end of the sticks. I used this really pretty glitter tape and fell in love with the colors and sparkle.  The downside to this tape is that I bought cheap tape and it doesn’t like to stick to itself. So, as I was wrapping them, the tape was coming off like little flags sticking out on every stick.  

I would start by buying a good quality washi tape, or just paint them to decorate the ends.  You will want the sticks to be differentiated somehow if you have more than one category of self care.  

Second, I wrote on each stick using an ultra fine point sharpie. Using the sharpie was perfect, the color didn’t bleed all over, it wrote clearly, and went quickly. 

Lastly, I wrapped some of the glitter tape around the jar to decorate it some.  I will have a post very soon about paining jars so that they can be washed off & changed with the seasons.  When I get it written & up I will post a link here. 

What goes on the sticks?

So you will want to decide which color stick gets which type of things you’re wanting to do.  You could color code by price point, like me, or even focus on mind, body, spirit categories.  Whatever will help you decide what you want most. 

Don’t forget to put all of your favorite things down first. You can also do more than one of each of your favorites so that you will get those more often.  Do what works best for you and your needs. 

Free self care ideas

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Read a book
  3. Listen to an uplifting podcast
  4. Watch a favorite tv show or movie
  5. Declutter your inbox
  6. Have a dance party
  7. Have a skype/ video chat with a friend
  8. Pray/ meditate
  9. Watch a favorite kind of video on youtube
  10. Write down 10 affirmations for yourself 
  11. Take a long bath or shower
  12. Listen to a favorite band
  13. Sit outdoors
  14. Visit a beach
  15. Journal your feelings
  16. Do your makeup
  17. Wear something that makes you feel amazing
  18. Do something you’ve been putting off
  19. Paint or draw
  20. Eat something healthy
  21. Bake a special treat for your family
  22. Diffuse some essential oils or burn a candle
  23. Color 
  24. Set some goals for yourself, short & long term
  25. Say ‘NO’ to something you didn’t want to agree to do
  26. Make a DIY spa product (see my Pinterest board here)
  27. Do some yoga
  28. Workout
  29. Talk to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
  30. Delete unnecessary apps from your phone
  31. Listen to a TED talk
  32. Do something kind for someone, stranger or friend
  33. Paint your nails
  34. Do a craft
  35. Play with playdoh
  36. Massage your feet
  37. Go for a run
  38. Watch Netflix
  39. Volunteer for an organization that has your heart
  40. No phone for XXX Hours
  41. Delete any app that sucks your time away (I’m looking at you Facebook)
  42. Make a play date for the kids, visit with another mom
  43. Go to a park
  44. Borrow books from the library
  45. Watch the sunset
  46. Go to bed early
  47. Find a musical’s soundtrack & listen to it, singing along loudly optional
  48. Write down 20 things you’re grateful for
  49. Donate old clothes
  50. Declutter somewhere that is bothering you
  51. Make a master to-do list
  52. Move your furniture around
  53. Go swimming
  54. Take a bike ride
  55. Visit a hiking trail
  56. Clean your car out
  57. Take 10 calming breaths
  58. Play with your kids
  59. Help a friend in need
  60. Eat some ice cream
  61. Work on a project you’ve been dreaming of
  62. Make your bucket list
  63. Use a foot spa to give yourself a pedicure
  64. Try a new hairstyle
  65. Visit an elderly relative
  66. Put fresh sheets on the bed
  67. Decorate for the season (even if it’s early)
  68. Clean and organize your dresser & closet 
  69. Learn a new skill
  70. Take a free course or join a free challenge about something you’re passionate about

Splurge on self care

Every once in a while you need to splurge on self care. Your splurge doesn’t have to be expensive. 

  1. Buy a specialty coffee/ tea/ drink
  2. Get a manicure or pedicure
  3. Dye your hair
  4. Cut your  hair
  5. Plan a girls night 
  6. Buy an outfit you’ve been eyeing 
  7. Take a yoga or exercise class
  8. Buy a bouquet of flowers for yourself
  9. Pay someone’s bill for them
  10. Visit a museum
  11. Take a Paint & Sip class
  12. Go on a date
  13. Go to the movies
  14. Order dinner in from your favorite restaurant
  15. Take a walk around Target (yeah, it belongs in the splurge section, you know you’re leaving with something you didn’t go in for)
  16. Get a sitter for the kids & have a quiet night out 
  17. Get a hair cut
  18. Hire someone to clean your home or run your errands for you
  19. Go for a drive, windows down, music cranked
  20. Buy concert tickets
  21. Go to see a play/ to the theatre
  22. Plan a vacation
  23. Donate your weekly splurge money to a cause that you love
  24. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit
  25. Donate toys to a children’s hospital
  26. Buy a face mask to try
  27. Eat a decadent dessert 
  28. Have a glass of wine
  29. Get a new piece of decor for your home
  30. Take a class you’ve been interested in

Now that you have made your jar

Now it’s the hard part.  You got your self care jar made, and now you just have to use it. Put your jar somewhere you can see it every single day. 

When you find yourself with time for yourself, you can easily just grab a stick and do what it says.  Change your sticks out for the season or leave them all in the jar.  Really the possibilities are endless here. This is all about you and what will fill your cup. 

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  1. Stacie Skinner

    May 22, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I seem unable to copy and paste your 100 ideas so I can print them..I guess I will have to figure out another way. I didn’t want to print the whole blog post. Needed it for a Pinterest party tonight.

    1. Becky Miller

      May 22, 2019 at 9:45 pm

      Stacie, I am so sorry you’re not able to copy them. I hadn’t thought about making the ideas into a downloadable file. I know it won’t be in time for your needs, but I will add that to this post.

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