DIY Fall Pallet Sign

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This week I am starting my 12 Weeks of the Holidays series.  So, I am starting off with a DIY Fall Pallet Sign project that I made for my home.

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This is absolutely one of my favorite times of the whole year. I love the cooler weather, hoodies, bonfires, the changing leaves, and visiting the local orchard & pumpkin farms. One thing I am lacking though is fall decor for my home. Since we just did a bunch of home renovations and had a few boards sitting around to be burned I thought I’d put them to better use. My home decor is definitely more rustic, and pallet signs are something I have used around my home, so I definitely couldn’t allow the boards to go to waste.

My home decor is definitely more rustic, and pallet signs are something I have used around my home, so I definitely couldn’t allow the boards to go to waste.  For my wedding, we had a pallet sign for a guest book that everyone could sign.  It’s one of my favorite things from our wedding and it hangs prominently in our living room.

I also have a Christmas sign I hang up with my decorations each year, so it only seemed fitting to have one for the fall.

This DIY Fall Pallet Sign is so easy to make, and very affordable too.  It could be adapted to work for any holiday or need you may have.

Items Used

  • 1X6 board about 18 inches in length. It was a leftover piece of scrap wood. You can make this whatever size you wish.
  • Acrylic Paint- I love the Apple Barrel paints from Walmart.  They work great for any project I have and they’re under $1 a bottle.
  • Letter Stencils- I used these for the large letters, you could freehand if you prefer, or even use stencils for any lettering you may do.  These ones are very similar to mine.
  • Foam Brush- I used the foam brushes to paint my basecoat and for the stenciling.
  • Paint Markers- Since I couldn’t find any small paint brushes in my supplies, they must be in a random box still, I went for these gold and silver paint markers.  I use these markers for so much, and they never disappoint.  This link is to a multi-pack, but I only have the gold from this brand.  My silver paint pen is this one.  Both brands are good, I just prefer the tip to the gold one better.
  • Sawtooth Picture Hangers- These ones are great, and they’re an add-on purchase for Amazon, so the price can’t be beaten.
  • A sharpened pencil- I used this to lightly write on the board so I could perfect my placement and writing style before writing over top of it with a paint pen.


  • My board was already quite smooth, if you have a rough board, you may need to sand it smooth first.
  • Apply a base coat of whatever acrylic paint color you want to the board using a foam brush.  You will want to brush the paint with the grain.  For my sign, I made it a really thin, light coat because I wanted more of the grain to show through.Adding paint to the board for the DIY Fall Pallet Sign
  • Let it dry for a few hours or overnight.
  • Choose your text. This was the hardest part for me. I used a sheet of paper & a Pinterest search to figure out what I wanted my board to say.  I decided to go with “Hello Fall.”
  • Using the stencils, I painted “FALL” onto the far right side of the board.  I used the bottom edge of the board as my line, so I knew my letters were all lined up.DIY Fall Pallet Sign. Stencil the word FALL onto the board using chocolate brown paint.
  • I then practiced some writing on a sheet of paper and then freehanded the “Hello” onto my board using a pencil. Using the pencil I was able to adjust my spacing and letter style as I needed to, and just erase any bad lines.
  • Write over top of your pencil lines using the gold paint pen. Make sure your letters are exactly as you want them because there’s not really any going back once the paint is down.Hello Fall Pallet Sign
  • I then noticed I had a  large gap above where I stenciled FALL that needed something.  After a little more Pinterest inspiration, I decided to write “autumn * harvest” using the silver paint pen in cursive. Again, I practiced on a sheet of paper and then wrote on the board using my pencil to get it just as I wanted it.
  • After everything is dry, you will want to flip your sign over, find center using a ruler, or just eyeball it if it’s lost & you can find it… like someone I know (*raises hand slowly, lol). The sawtooth picture hangers come with nails, so you just need a hammer to attach the hanger to the board.

All In All

I am in love with my creation. I love the way the lettering came out, and the way the metallic of the silver and gold paint pens looks with the other colors I used.   Now I just need to figure out where I am going to hang it. It is currently sitting on the window sill in my kitchen, which works well, but I think I will be hanging it up somewhere.

The finished Pallet sign. Perfect to hang for fall.

Doing this project has given me so much inspiration for future projects, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these pallet signs coming up.

If you can’t find a small board, check Amazon or Walmart for their sign boards. I have seen some nice ones in Walmart’s craft department before.

Sharing is caring!

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