My Daily Routine Focusing on Self Care and Working from Home

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I have written before about how important it is to make a self care schedule, and I have told you when I like to get my self care in, but this will be a little different. I am a stay at home mom, and I do Virtual Assistance work from home as well as blog, so my schedule is written around these factors.  This post will be all about my daily routine, how I have my day structured, and how I fit in time to work, play, and focus on self care.


I am one of those lucky moms who likes to stay up late, but has a family full of morning people.  My daughter is the one who wakes me up most days.  When my husband is already up he will get her and let her play in the living room while he gets ready for work and I get a little more sleep. This never amounts to a whole lot of extra sleep because my peanut ends up in bed with me bouncing around. but just that little extra sleep is nice.

After my husband leaves, we have breakfast and get ready for our day. At this point, I don’t get time to myself, but we have fun with our routine. This is a time for us to be goofy and have fun. This allows us to connect and get our day started off right.

Get dressed Momma

Getting dressed, for me, is a critical time in my day as well, as it sets the tone for everything to come.  If I am going to be productive, I get completely dressed, meaning I put on a nicer shirt & jeans, instead of an oversized shirt and sweatpants.  When I know I need to work out, which is every day even though I usually skip this in lieu of other options, I will wake up and put on my workout clothes. Doing so guarantees that I will get a workout in because I want out of the uncomfortable sports bra. The option I try to stay away from is mentioned above, and it’s a big old t-shirt and leggings.  This outfit guarantees I’m not as productive.

There’s something about what I wear, and how much I achieve in the day. Just simply putting in some effort puts me in a mindset that I can get more accomplished. This is something I wrote about here. Every day I try to get dressed to be productive. There are definitely days that I want nothing more than to be in comfortable lounge clothes all day, but it is something I try not to do all week long.

Work out

If I dress for success, I am dressed to work out. Getting that workout in first thing in the morning is the best time I have found to get it done. I am not a person who enjoys working out, it’s kind of the bane of my existence, which is probably why I struggle to reach my fitness goals.

I usually find a workout on YouTube, and make it a fun activity with my daughter.  Making it part of her experience will, hopefully, stress the importance of being active to her at a young age so she doesn’t struggle with weight like I do.

Naptime = Work & Play

The rest of the morning is spent playing & learning. We play pretend, go outside and run around, play with dolls, whatever little miss wants to do, we do. This is a multifaceted time in our day. We work on pretend play, we sing songs, recite the alphabet, count and read. This time also wears down little miss for her afternoon nap.

While she sleeps, it’s time for me to work. Whether it’s for this blog, or for a Virtual Assistant client, while she sleeps, I get work done. The tv goes off, and headphones go in, this keeps me focused on what I need to do and allows me to be the most productive. When I can get my work done during nap time, I have more time to spend with my family.

I can also get some of the household cleaning done during nap time. Some things I have to wait on because it will wake up little miss, but I take advantage of this time as a productive time to get things done.  Depending on how much work I have to do on the computer, I may or may not be able to finish all the household chores, but we make it work.  I do not allow my life to be nothing but cleaning. I don’t want my daughter to only have memories of me cleaning, I want her to have memories of being hands on and interacting with her.

There are some things she enjoys helping me do. She loves to help move laundry around and to hold the dustpan when I sweep floors.  We make it work.

My Daily Routine - How I structure my day while focusing on self care while being a work from home mom. #dailyroutine #selfcareroutine #workfromhomemom #stayathomemom


Our evenings are focused on family time. From the time that nap time is over, to the time we go to bed is constantly busy. From cooking dinner to cleaning up the days’ mess,  things are busy.

Dinner & Bedtime

While I cook dinner, because my husband is fantastic but cannot cook, he takes over the kiddo duties. It is their special time together, and I get some time to myself where I can enjoy cooking, scroll through facebook, and check emails.  Then we all eat dinner as a family.

Once dinner is done, it is time to wind down for Little Miss’ bedtime. We do the usual bath, story, bed routine.  Since we transitioned her to a toddler bed we have had to sit in her room as she falls asleep because she tells us she is afraid. So, one of us will sit in her room silently until she falls asleep. If it’s my day, I take my laptop with me and spend some time working on upcoming blog posts for a good half hour or so until I know she is out.

Then it’s time for a little time with my husband, we watch tv and talk.  This time is one of my favorite times of the day, where we can really connect and relax from our days.  We put the phones down and focus on building and maintaining our relationship. My husband works long days at a physically demanding job, so some days he is asleep by 8, and some days he shocks me and is up until midnight.

If he falls asleep early, I take advantage of the quiet by doing a mask, soaking my feet, taking a bath, or getting some more work done.  I might complain on days he falls asleep on the couch an hour after our daughter is asleep, but then I know I have several hours of work and “me time” ahead of me.  That lat night time is when I’m in my prime and have the most focus to get my writing done and finish up what I need to.

And we do it all over again.

I hope you enjoyed the peek into how I make working from home and focusing on sprinkling self care through my day.  How do you structure your day to fit in more self care?

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