Clear the Clutter Challenge

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Spring is around the corner, the weather is getting warmer, and there isn’t much better than opening the windows up wide on the first warm spring Michigan day.  Spring always brings out a sense of newness and wanting to start fresh. One of the things I do to start the spring cleaning off right is to clear the clutter that collects through the winter.

Clutter is something that I struggle with, and throughout every winter I just tend to allow things to collect. Which means every spring I need to clear the clutter out of the house before I can start my main cleaning for the spring.

The negative effects of clutter

One of the biggest negative effects of clutter is how easily it can overwhelm you.  I tend to hold on to things that I might need, and so these things accumulate over time. Then when I’m ready to start my spring cleaning, or just go through the house doing a deep clean, I’m immediately overwhelmed by the scope of what needs to be done.  This isn’t to suggest that I’m a hoarder, and things get out of control, but the little areas in my life that collect clutter get out of hand.

You start to feel as if your home is closing in on you, and it creates anxiety. This anxiety just makes me want to shut down and run from what is bothering me.  So, I make it a conscious decision to tackle one thing a day until it is done.  Doing this helps with the progress and it keeps me on task.  I’m not filled with anxiety about the task at hand when I am only looking at one drawer or closet.

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Make it happen

One of the biggest things I have to tell myself is that I just have to make it happen.  I have to start somewhere.  As I said above, I start by doing one small task at a time.  I choose one drawer, one closet, or one area of a room to focus my attention on.  Not only does this give me the ability to get the tasks done quickly, without losing focus on what I need to do, but I am able to get it done with a toddler “helping” me accomplish these things.

Another of my favorite ways to make it happen is to take a bag and fill it with as many things as I can find that need to be tossed.  Then I take a bag and go around a fill it with things to recycle, and another of things to donate.  As I’m filling these bags, I’m consciously looking at things in the more hidden corners of my home, and really making decisions on what each thing is best for.

Sentimentality and clutter

If you’re a crazy sentimental person, like yours truly, you will understand this struggle.  I want to hold on to EVERYTHING that has a meaning in my life.  I have a box of baby food jars that were used for my wedding centerpieces. I’ve tried to sell them, but since they’re painted to match my wedding colors nobody wants them.  I have a few scattered around my house as decoration, but I am holding on to 30 other jars. I might find uses for them, I might run into that one special person using my same wedding colors, but in reality, I should probably just throw the box out.

Having a sentimental connection to so many things means that I tend to collect them. Every so often I have to go look through all this stuff and make some hard decisions.  Holding onto perfectly good things because I have an attachment doesn’t do me any good.  So I have been working on changing my thinking and not letting things rot in storage for no reason when someone else can use them.

Having a sentimental connection to stuff also means you hold on to a lot of stuff and find it hard to get over some of that attachment. Some things are things I will never get rid of, I just can’t bring myself to do it, but other things, through time, I have been able to donate or sell.  For me, if it has been sitting in storage for years and I haven’t thought about it once, then it’s obviously not that important to my life. I hold the memories with or without the stuff.

Clutter and Self Care

This one, of course, is near and dear to my heart.  Self care is and always will be a major focus in my blog and my life.  One way that I know I can make my life easier, make myself less anxious, and make my family function better is in a clutter free – or less cluttered environment.  It’s not easy with a toddler, but we do our best.  When your home is less cluttered you will find it is easier to focus on what you need for your own needs.

When my house is in chaos, my life is in chaos, and I struggle to take time for my own needs. When I can calm the chaos outside, I can reflect more on what I need inside.  Although I allow the clutter to build, I always try to go back and clear the clutter areas of my home so I can better focus on what I need and my family needs.

Clear the Clutter Challenge

So with the windows wide open, and music blasting on the radio, I decided to share my Clear the Clutter Challenge.   There are different areas of the home to focus on for each of the 5 days, some may need more attention than others, but my hope is that when you’re done, you have been able to clean out some of the clutter in your life and start over fresh.

This 6 day challenge is where I have begun my clutter purging journey. I hope that it inspires you to start on a clutter purging journey with me and to use this as a starting point to continue on your own journey.

Get your free printable by filling out the form below. I thoroughly hope you enjoy.


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