How to make the ultimate Christmas cookie plate

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It’s already time to start thinking about Christmas goodie trays and cookie plates.  One of my favorite things to do is to bake up a storm and make tons of good treats for our family & friends. There’s something so nice about having a good variety of treats to snack on throughout the holidays, and at parties.  Hopefully, this list will guide you through making your Christmas Cookie plates and inspire you to continue, or start, the tradition yourself. 

Each year I tend to expand and do more than I did the year prior. I am just never settled on my recipes or containers.  I just love making the treats and sharing that love with my family and friends. 

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Finding a Container

Throughout the years I have tried many different types of trays, plates, and containers to hold my goodies for delivery. While each has its own merit, I think I have finally settled on a favorite. Here are some of my favorite options. 

Cookie Boxes- 
I really think this might be my new favorite option. I love how cute these boxes are, and that you can stack them for delivery.  The only downfall I can see is the wastefulness since they would be thrown away when done. As much as I hate that, I still really love this idea. Plus, these are so affordable which is a big bonus.  There’s nothing cheap about giving cookie trays out. 

Disposable Christmas Foil Tins
Another option I am really loving are these disposable Christmas foil containers.  They can be reused if the person wants, but aren’t something they will feel obligated to keep.  Again, you could stack these if you had to, for transportation. These are another very affordable option, especially if you give out many trays. 

Reusable Christmas Tins
The old classic cookie tin is great for many reasons. They are sturdy, they are reusable, and they come in all kinds of cute designs.  This option definitely has the most nostalgia factor to them. The downfalls would be the extra cost.  These tins are more money than both options above and you get a lot less, but if you prefer the classic look, then this is for you.  

Plastic Storage Containers
These plastic containers are just adorable. I’m not a big fan of plastic containers and much rather use glass, but that being said, these make the list for their cuteness factor.  I know you can find these in the local grocery stores, so they’re widely accessible. They do win in the reusable category and definitely would be easy to transport. 

A cute Christmas tray or plate– 
I love getting these cute trays and plates for our Christmas goodies.  I love to get them from the dollar store but will pick them up from anywhere when I find them. Especially if it’s super cute like this Santa. These trays are great if you don’t have many you’re transporting or giving out.  The biggest downfall I have for these is that the treats tend to dry out since they can only be covered with plastic wrap.  

The giving plates
If you haven’t seen these giving plates, they are a super fun tradition to add to your family or friends group. You fill the plate with goodies and give it to someone. Printed on the plate are the instructions to fill it and gift it to someone else.  This way the plate never finds a home and is always given to someone else, filled with love and goodies.   This option is probably the most expensive because the plates are usually ceramic or melamine and they are the most reusable option.  Probably not an option you want if you give out a lot of cookie trays, but always a great option to have.  

Finding the Perfect Recipes

Finding the recipes you’re choosing to make can be difficult, depending on what your family traditions are.  We weren’t a family that made cookie trays yearly, so when I started I didn’t have a big library of cookies to choose from. I go to friends and family for their favorite recipes, and then, of course, I turn to Pinterest.  

I have gathered a couple great treats that you can add to your list to make. 

First, from Toni at Our Family Code, these super cute reindeer pretzels.  This is a great project that the kids can help with and I cannot wait to make these with Little Miss.  She has made them so simple that even a toddler can be a help to make them. 
With just a few ingredients, these will be so quick and easy to make as a family and Little Miss will have a blast making these with me. 


Next, I have these Ginger Shortbread Cookies from Kathleen at Life By Kathleen.  These cookies sound amazing for holiday baking.  Ginger cookies and shortbread cookies just scream Christmas to me, so these have definitely made the list of cookies I will be making this year.  


After you check those recipes out, you can head on over to my No-bake cookie recipe and my Snickerdoodle recipe.  My Pinterest Page also has a whole board dedicated to Christmas Cookies. So head on over to Pinterest and make sure to follow that board, as I’m constantly adding recipes to it. 

The Mommy Takes 5 Pinterest is constantly getting new ideas for self care, mommy inspiration, recipes, and other fun things that I find.  Make sure to follow my boards to so you don’t miss out on a thing 


My Baking Essentials

Baking essentials can differ between people, but these are the things my kitchen would be lost without and that see the most work in my home.  If there’s something that I’m missing from my list, please let me know because I am always on the hunt for another great baking essential. 

I’m just going to drop these in a list format to save you some reading. Each item will have a link where you can check out more about each item. 

  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer– My absolute favorite kitchen item. I use mine almost daily. If you don’t have one, save up and get one, it’s that good. 
  • Pyrex Measuring cups–  These are my favorite liquid measuring cups. I tend to use my 2 cup one the most, but after seeing the large one in this set, I’m on the hunt for even bigger ones like those.  
  • Disposable piping bags– These are the exact ones I buy on repeat.  I love that there’s no thick seam on them, and they’re 16″ ones so I can fit a lot of frosting into each bag. 
  • Piping Tips– Piping isn’t as hard as you think, it just takes practice.  Don’t be initimdated by them, just jump in and start trying.  Of course my favorite place for techniques is always YouTube as well.  
  • Offset Spatulas– These are perfect for slathering frosting on some sugar cookies or cakes.  I use mine all the time.  
  • Silicone Baking Mats– These are life savers for any day of baking.  Just lay one on the cookie sheet and you wont have to worry about sticking or hard clean up.  
  • Cookie scoop– One of these cookie scoops makes getting consistent size cookies a breeze. 
  • Silicone spatulas– These are a must for getting every last drop from your bowls. 
  • Silicone Oven Mits– These are the best at resisting heat. I use mine nonstop. Plus the extra length of these protects your wrist and arm from burns if you’re clumsy like me . 
  • High quality baking sheets– These commercial grade baking sheets are the best.  After using these, all the cheaper ones just don’t do the job 

What is your favorite Christmas treat? 

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