Budget Friendly Valentines Gifts for the Family

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it is time to start thinking about those budget friendly valentines gifts you can give to anyone in your family.  I am going to break these gift ideas down by who they would be for, but of course, you can mix it up for anyone fitting in your family.

As a couple, outside of the day we got engaged (which was actually on February 13th) we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We both discussed it and came to the agreement that the romance, flowers, chocolates, and dinner out mean more to us when it happens on a random day.  Him bringing home flowers just means more on a random Thursday than on a day where it is to be expected.

Growing up, neither of us had families that would go all out for Valentine’s Day. It was the standard box of chocolates or something small.  For my husband and I, we go more practical than that.  We would much rather get a gift that the other would be able to use and enjoy for a long time.  This means that this list might be oddly specific, but I made sure to include some things that will work no matter what.

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For My Husband

As I said, we keep things pretty basic and simple. We would much rather go all out on a day where it isn’t the expected thing to do so beyond swinging into the drug store for a card here are gifts I would consider for him.

Silicone Wedding Bands. 
These are usually available for under $10 for a set on Amazon and is something he has expressed interest in wanting a few times.  My husband is quite active and his wedding band, while being titanium (& nearly indestructible) is too large and he can’t wear it to work. So a solution like this is something I know he would like.


 A Zoomable Flashlight.
Ok, again, this might sound a little impersonal, but if your man likes hunting, or has a reason to need a crazy bright flashlight that you can adjust and zoom, this is a great one.  He has been eyeballing this one that a friend of his has and has been talking about it for a good 6 months now.


A coffee mug to make him laugh in the morning.  Since he is a welder I chose this one, but there are funny mugs for any profession. It was so hard to choose just one to picture here. This might be a collection I add too for different gifts throughout the year.


For a toddler

My toddler is quite easy to buy for, as are most little ones.  They’re just so happy to get a present.

 Mickey Mouse Toys.  It seems like almost every kid goes through their Mickey Mouse phase, and my daughter is deep into one now.  We have to have all things Mickey and Minnie.  She would love these little characters to play with.


 Munchkin 360 Cups. These cups are some of my favorites and my daughter really enjoys them too.  She likes that they are like a “big girl cup” but my favorite part is they are leak resistant.  I’m sure somewhere says leak proof, but if they are dropped they will let out a little splatter.  She can leave it laying on its side or whatever she decides to do and I don’t have to worry about a giant mess.  They really are great cups and we can’t get enough of them.


 A great Valentines Day book. My daughter is in love with books and would want me to read to her nonstop all day.  It’s  really wonderful that she loves books so much and I hope it translates into a love of reading as she continues to grow. The best way we can foster this is by providing her with as many books as possible.


Gifts I will ask for

My beloved husband is generally clueless when it comes to giving me gifts, so these are things I have pointed out to him that I would like.  These would also be great gifts for any mom friends, your mom, or any woman in your life

 Just like for my husband, I could also use a funny coffee mug to brighten my day. Something to make me smile on the hard days. Plus, what mom doesn’t enjoy wandering down every aisle in Target.



A Measuring Spoon Set. For some reason, I had 2 complete sets of measuring spoons and they’re going missing one by one.  I don’t know where they are going, but it’s making me crazy. I am in LOVE with these copper measuring spoons, so these are top of my list.


A Beautiful Picture Frame. Earlier this week I shared a picture on my Instagram of my new desk set up. I am loving how it is turning out, but I definitely need some sparkle and a few family pictures to make it feel more personal.  I will be sure to keep updating my Instagram with the progress as it is completed.  A frame like this would be a perfect addition to the overall look I’m going for.


Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for great budget friendly valentines gifts to give your family.

I know this list probably seems quite personal to my family dynamic, but I think there are items and ideas you can put in place for your family.  Our Valentines plans include a nice special dinner at home, and exchanging our small gifts. Nothing too exciting, and with it also being Ash Wednesday we will probably have our fancy meal on February 13th this year, so we can start Lent off on the right foot.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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