Brown Sugar Body Wash Scrub

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There’s something about Caress Endless Kiss body wash that is just magical. I love to stretch my body washes by using them in a scrub. It smells fabulous, and doesn’t take much which makes it budget friendly.

One of my favorite ways to spend my 5 minutes of me-time is to mix up a salt or sugar scrub to use in the bath or shower.  It’s a two for one way to do something for myself.  I get to spend some time alone mixing it up, and then later I will get to enjoy the fruits of my labor in the bath.


Brown sugar body wash scrub made with Caress Endless Kiss body wash. One of my favorite body wash fragrances made into one of my favorite scrubs. So so good | Mommy Takes 5

This scrub is so easy to make, and really doesn’t take many ingredients.  This makes a small batch, but I should be able to get 2-3 uses out of what is there.

This could easily be made into a larger batch if you wanted to make a bunch at once.  I like changing fragrances often, so I prefer to make small batches that I can easily go through and change out.  Plus this way makes it very budget friendly because it doesn’t use much sugar, oil or body wash.


2 tbsp- Body wash– Any kind will work, use your favorite one.  I like to grab the travel size bottles so I can spend a little less, and change fragrances more often.  (*note- I also save the empty bottles to use at a later time).

1/4 Cup- Coconut Oil– Use your favorite, or what you have on hand. I used this one.  You could also use any oil you have on hand, like olive oil, argan oil, or any skin friendly oils.

3 tbsp- White Sugar– Even when I use brown sugar I like to use a little white sugar in there.  No particular reason, it’s just my preference. You can omit this or use all white sugar.

1/4 Cup- Brown Sugar– This adds to the fragrance and moisture of the sugar scrub.  If you want it to be colored I would use all white sugar unless you like the brown shade.

1 tbsp- Epsom Salt– I like the extra scrub that epsom salt provides. You can omit this if you don’t want the extra scrub.

How to make the scrub

Mix the body wash and oil together. Doing this helps you cut down on the amount of oil needed and stretches the amount of body wash used.

Melt the coconut oil and add your body wash in. Mix them together.

This scrub uses a mixture of brown sugar, white sugar and a little epsom salt. | Brown Sugar Endless Kiss Scrub

Measure your sugar & salt (if you’re using it) and add to the oil mixture.

Mix the sugars and the oil/ body wash together. | Brown Sugar Endless Kiss Scrub

At this point you can add more body wash, oil or sugar to make it the consistency you want.  I prefer mine a little on the thick side, but you can make it suit your taste.


Store your scrub in a clean, dry container.  Small canning jars work great. You can also clean out an empty spice container.  These work great because they’re plastic and I can keep cleaning them out and using them. If they start looking really bad I can toss it into recycling and be done with it.

I am really excited to get into a nice hot bath this week and use this new scrub.

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