The Best All Natural Bath & Spa Products

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So many of us are striving to make our homes and lives safer and more earth-friendly. Part of doing so means that we need to take a look at all aspects of our lives to find the best products. So, when you’re on the hunt for the best natural bath & spa items you can find, this is your list.

One thing that I don’t talk a whole lot about here on my blog is how I strive to keep things in my home and family as natural as possible. There are a few exceptions I make to this, like makeup, I strive to use vegan makeup when I can, but at the end of the day I don’t prefer the natural makeup. That’s just me though. 

I don’t even clean my home with commercial cleaners, instead opting to use Norwex microfiber and water. It’s amazing, but that’s another post.

There are some things you need to watch out for when you’re shopping for natural products.  There isn’t really a standardization of terms, and sometimes things can be misleading. Brands may use organic or natural in their name, but you look at the back and it is filled with chemical compounds and only a few of them are natural.

Now, I know, everything on earth has a chemical makeup, but when you’re reading the ingredient list, you know which ones are natural and which are lab created.  Read the labels and ingredients, try to make sure that what you’re buying doesn’t just say natural.

This list is made up of products I’ve tried as well as some of the highest rated options available on Amazon. Do your research and find the best products for you. 

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through a link, I will make a small commission at no cost to you.  You can read more about affiliate links here.

 take care of your skin

Taking care of your skin is a great way to treat yourself. It shouldn’t really be a treat, but using something special to get your skin looking great is a great way to give yourself that mini spa experience without the spa pricing.

Molivera Organics Body Butter: A beautiful body butter is perfect to treat your dry, chapped, & broken skin. Shea butter has so many advantages and feels great on dry skin. 

Natural loofah’s: If you haven’t used a natural loofah, you’re missing out.  These are amazing at exfoliating, and work better than those plastic mesh poof balls. Don’t be discouraged if yours comes flat, hard, or misshapen. When you soak them in water they perk right back up and are ready to go. 

Lava pumice stone: To go along with your new loofah, you’re going to want a good, natural pumice stone. Great for scrubbing away calluses, and getting those perfectly pedicured feet. 

make bath time count

All natural bar soap: A beautiful bar of all natural bar soap will help nourish your skin, and since it most likely has some essential oils in it, you will get the benefits of the oils and the great fragrance.  

Bath Bombs: This one won’t come as a surprise on one of my lists. I have a deep love, like so many others, with bath bombs. They are so nourishing for your skin, relaxing for the body, and just makes bathtime better. 

Salt scrub: Salt scrubs are something I absolutely enjoy. They are a great way to exfoliate all over the body while leaving a nice scent and moisturizing.  I go back & forth between making my own and buying scrubs, but they are a constant in my bath routine.

Sugar scrub: Just like the salt scrub, I am also in love with sugar scrubs. Sugar is a more gentle alternative. I tend to use sugar scrubs in between my heavier exfoliating times, as salt scrubs are a little too abrasive for everyday use, for my skin. 

the best for your face

Face wash: We all need to do it, and what we need is something that isn’t filled with parabens, phosphates, and all of the yuck you would traditionally find. Using an all natural formula like this one will let you wash your face in confidence. 

Facial moisturizer: No matter the type of skin you have, yes even oily, you should be moisturizing daily. Living in Michigan means long cold winters where my dry skin gets parched instantly, I need a good moisturizer to help me through the cold dry months. 

Coconut Oil: This oil is good for so many things. Dry skin? Chapped lips? Stubborn lipstick or mascara won’t come off? Does your hair need help? Coconut oil is so useful that it’s always good to have some on hand.  Making sure it’s virgin & cold- pressed is always important as well. That way you know you’re getting a high-quality oil that will be filled with all the good stuff you want it to have.

take care of your hair

Hair mask: If you use product in your hair, or heat style it, you will eventually need to do a deep conditioning hair mask. Using one with natural oils will nourish your hair and help bring it back to a healthy and shiny state. 

Shampoo & Conditioner: It can be difficult to find all natural hair products, especially at the drug store. Shea Moisture is a fantastic buy! Their shampoo & conditioners are amazing. You can’t go wrong with it. They also have a kids line available

Hair Serum: A serum is great if you struggle with dry frizzy hair, or just have hair.  It adds to the health and shine of your hair. Again, Shea Moisture wins for me. It is easily available, affordable and works amazing.

Shampoo Bar: If you’re looking to go a step further, I suggest going with a shampoo bar and forgoing the plastic bottle. Just like a bar of soap, but you rub it on your hair. They also have conditioning bars available if you don’t want to use a more traditional conditioner. Get the same results, with less packaging to recycle. 

Go natural

If you take some time to look at the ingredients and do some research, you can find some amazing personal care products that are natural. They aren’t all that hard to find if you take the time to really look. 

What are your favorite all natural products? 

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