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help-for-a-struggling-mom-mommytakes5Today was a struggle!

We have an extremely cranky, whiny girl today. Today is Sunday which means all this happened at church.

Things started out fine, but about 15 minutes into mass, she was too much to handle in the church, so out we went.  After a few minutes of running around in the back, we went back in (I wasn’t about to miss all of mass because of her behavior, and I really thought she got it out of her system).  However, I was mistaken, and after a few more minutes Jorden had to remove her again.

UGH!!!! She NEVER misbehaves like that during church!  I was slightly embarrassed and quite annoyed with her behavior, so I prayed about it. We were almost in a complete tantrum when she was removed the second time.

I prayed that the people around me weren’t upset with her behavior. I prayed for patience in dealing with her behavior so I didn’t over react. I prayed for a way to know it was all ok, and would be ok.

my-girl- mommytakes5
Em & Bear in the truck

After mass ended, as I was cleaning up all the cheerios, shoes, toys, books, and sippy cup in our area I was stopped. Two of the women who were sitting by us stopped me and told me that they knew where I was. They had been there. They had kids of their own. They had dealt with the same and worse situations.  As they shared their stories with me I knew it was what I asked for.


Their stories were of some of their most mortifying times, yet they were told with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts for their kids.

These women came to me from a place of love, having seen my child in the worst tantrum she has had in church, and said,

“We are mothers, we have been there. You’re doing a great job. Don’t worry.”

What a beautiful moment.  No judgement, just love.  How often do we see someone going through something that we have been through? Do we stop to give encouragement?

They shared their horror stories with me, and I’m sure eventually I will have a much worse one than Em throwing a tantrum one day, but these stories will just be that… stories.  They don’t define us as mothers or fathers. One day we will look back, and hopefully give some mom in the midst of the motherhood struggle and say “I’ve been there; you’re doing a great job!”

This is another goal for this blog, to share my story. To share some ways for moms to take time for themselves. To share some DIY things to do with our kids, and to be an encouragement for the parents stuck in the trenches.

I want to be the lady that at the end of mass can look at a young mother and share her story. To share that she has been there and understands that struggle, but like so many struggles, they pass into a memory.

Have you been given that type of encouragement from someone you crossed paths with? Have you given a new mom encouragement?

Sharing is caring!

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