Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas for Moms

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I’m sitting here in shock as I write this, I cannot believe we are this close to Valentine’s Day. As someone who is usually searching for a good deal, I’m always on the hunt for gift ideas that won’t break the bank. This list of affordable Valentine’s Day gifts will help you find a great gift for any mom, without spending too much money

In our house, we don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day. While I sort of wish that my husband would spend a little bit more on a gift for me, I did tell him that a gift just because, on any random day than on a holiday that dictates that flowers and chocolates are “mandatory.”

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So, as a list to my husband, and a list to all spouses, here are some great, affordable Valentine’s Day gifts that she will love.

Gift Ideas

Bath Bombs- My relaxing, me-time, go-to. There’s something so relaxing and luxurious about getting into a hot bath with a good bath bomb. I love these gift sets so I can try different ones all the time.

Sugar Scrubs- While I love making DIY scrubs, Tree Hut is my favorite to buy. The Brazilian Nut one has to be my absolute favorite. The scent is rich but not overpowering.

Dry Brush- If you haven’t tried dry brushing….. you are missing out. It’s great for circulation and is a great exfoliant, leaving you with glowing, beautiful skin. The long handled brush is great for reaching all parts of your body.

A big coffee mug- What do all moms need? Coffee! Caffeine, is key to motherhood.
Celebrate mom with a mug to warm her heart, give her encouragement, or just make her smile. A nice big mug to keep her energized.

A super cute Mama shirt- I am in love with this Mama Bear sweatshirt. I love the elbow patches and the mama bear decal. It comes in many colors and has an absolutely amazing rating. There are so many other super cute mama shirts available on Amazon that I’m in love with.

Stud Earrings- I am completely in love with stud earrings. There’s nothing more classic than a ‘diamond’ stud earring, even if that diamond is a CZ. These earrings are gold plated so they’ll be good for sensitive ears.

Things to remember

These gifts are a few of my favorites, but there is something to keep in mind.

One thing with all those amazing spa products is that they’re worthless if she isn’t given the solice to actually enjoy them. If she only has time for a 45 second shower before the whole world is knocking on the door, then she didn’t get to enjoy them.

As moms, we never get to really enjoy peace and quiet. The world is always knocking on the door, the second we close it. One of the best things you could do is to give any mom the gift of relaxation. Whether that’s letting her take an uninterrupted bubble bath, take a nap, or go to target alone.

Time to recharge is key, and one of the best gifts you could give.

Moms, what would top your list of gift ideas?

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