7 Ways to Add Self Care into Your Day when You’re a Busy Mom

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As a busy mom, I know how easy it is to just put yourself last and forget to take care of yourself until you’re screaming for 5 minutes alone.  Being able to add self care into your day without interrupting your family’s busy schedule is essential for us moms who just struggle to really devote time for ourselves on a regular basis.  I have written about my 5 minute method for self care before, but going beyond that you need to find ways to add self care into your day without disrupting your life.

-Make self care a priority

This one seems obvious but needs to be said.  There will be times that you know you need to take a few minutes because the timing is great, but the kids left a mess in the living room, there are phone calls to make, and you better figure out what you’re going to make for dinner.  It is in those times that you just need to be selfish and take a few moments for yourself because you need it and most importantly you deserve it.

From eating something indulgent to doing something healthy for yourself, making it a priority to spend even a few minutes on your own needs is crucial to surviving motherhood. When you make the conscious decision to really devote time to self care on a regular basis you will find the holes in your day.  There’s the time for you in your day!

-Work the wiggle room

When you commit time to taking time for yourself every day you have to find the wiggle room. Where in your day can you sneak it in?  Some of my favorite places to sneak it in are at unexpected times.  When I put dinner in the oven, I will go to my room or bathroom and put on nail polish, lay down for a couple minutes, or put on a favorite moisturizer.  It’s nothing fabulous, it’s nothing huge, but it is something that helps me remember that I am more than just a mom.

You can find many little gaps in your day. Look at your morning routine, what you do during nap times, and your bedtime routine.   Is there anywhere you can sneak in a few minutes? Can you add a nice serum, moisturizer or mask before bed? What if you rub your feet down with a good foot cream before putting on your socks for the day?

-Make it easy on yourself

When you get into a routine of taking time for yourself every day you will notice your stash of favorite products growing.  I recommend keeping a little stash of products that you can grab from when you get time.  Doing so will keep you from spending 10 minutes looking for that foot cream you love when you only have a few minutes to spare.  You don’t want to spend more time searching out the things you want to do than you spend on yourself.

Things I like to keep on hand are coconut oil, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, good hand cream, my favorite makeup and skincare products, a selection of face masks, and nail polish in an easily accessible area in my bathroom.  Doing this means I don’t have to waste any time to find what I’m looking for when I need a little pampering time.

-Incorporate your family

One of my biggest refreshers is quality time with my husband and daughter.  Yes, my daughter wears me down after the week, but being out as a family and doing fun things together just fills my heart. We love going on walks together and just being outside.

I also incorporate my daughter into my workout time and we have dance parties.  She now asks me if its time to exercise, which I hope is setting her up for a healthy life. She also loves music, and since I was young, one of my favorite things has been cranking the music way up and having a dance party for one.  So when it’s time to clean the house, I crank up the music (not quite as loud as before her though), and we have a dance party.  We have a bunch of laughs and get some quality time together.

-Get inspired

Spending a few minutes looking at Pinterest will give you thousands of results for self care ideas.  Step outside your box a little and try something new that you may not have tried off the bat.  Doing this will help you to connect with what you really need, and what your likes are.  If it doesn’t work out, it was only a few minutes of your time.  This can work for your timing as well as what you do during

-Get dressed

You might think this is weird to have on this list but stay with me for a minute. As a stay at home moms, we have a tendency to just stay in sweats or wear the same “mom uniform” day in and day out.  One of the ways to change your day is to change out of that uniform and put on something that makes you feel amazing.  I can tell when I start spending too much time in leggings and a baggy shirt.

Just simply taking a few minutes to put on jeans and a cute shirt, something that makes me feel like a woman, and not just a mom drowning in her day to day life of keeping the house up, running a blog, and raising an amazing little girl.  There’s something about taking that extra couple minutes to get myself ready and to choose an outfit can make the difference between a couch potato day, and a very productive day.  The difference being, I put time into what I was wearing.  It’s such a simplistic thing, but breaking that rut of leggings and a t-shirt can really change your outlook on yourself.

-Try a DIY

This is probably one of my favorites.  I love DIYing some bath & spa products.  Making scrubs are some of my favorites.  They’re super easy to make and customize, plus they just use pantry staple products. I have a ton of recipes on my Pinterest page for DIY Bath & Spa. This list is constantly being added to as well.

The easiest way to make a scrub though is 1 cup of sugar or salt,  1/2 cup of oil (coconut, olive, argan, etc.) and then add (skin safe) essential oils. Mix it up and put in an airtight container.  This is a really fun way to pamper yourself while you’re taking your daily shower.

What are ways you like to squeeze self care into your day?

7 ways to get more self care into your day as a busy mom #busymom #selfcareformoms

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