9 Ways to Enjoy the First Warm Day of Spring

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Today is such a beautiful day! It’s the first really ‘warm’ day of spring here in Michigan. Which is odd, because it is only February, but nobody is about to complain.

To celebrate this beautiful weather, I am giving you 9 ways to enjoy the first warm day of the year.

  1. The first thing I always have to do is open all the windows and air the house out. It just feels so good after a long winter. Once it hits 50 or 60 degrees I just have to take advantage and open the house up to the fresh air. It was so nice today to get the breeze flowing through the house.
  2. Light the grill.  This always seems to be one of the first things we do each year.  Once the snow is gone off the grill it’s time to light it up. Ok…. we don’t always wait for the snow to melt or the temperatures to rise, but it always makes it feel more like spring.
  3. Go for a walk.  This is one of our favorite things to do as a family. I should keep track of our miles just to see how much we walk in a year.  Living in the city limits, we have the ability to walk to the store, and parks. Usually on a really nice day, we wont drive anywhere. If we can get it in town, we will just walk there.  Emma gets to enjoy a ride in the stroller and we get in some needed exercise.
  4. Jump in puddles.  Em loves this.  Right now she has outgrown her sneakers but still fits in her snow boots, so we can go step in the puddles in the yard and enjoy the spring weather.
  5. Start spring cleaning.  This isn’t always my first day thing, i’m usually too excited to go soak up the sun and get some vitamin D in my system, but this week we will start our spring cleaning list.
  6. Spend some time in nature.  The spring is a beautiful time to be in the woods. Whether you’re just enjoying, looking for antler sheds, or exploring, it’s just nice to be out in the sunshine.
  7. Wash the bedding and hang outside.  There is something about having your blankets come in off the clothes line after a long winter that just feels and smells great.  This isn’t really a great idea for the first 50 degree day, but as it gets warmer I just can’t help it.
  8. Uncover the patio furniture or pull out a camp chair and enjoy the sunshine.  After the long winter, just soaking up the sun can be so relaxing.  I’d take my 5 minutes kicked back in the chair with a glass of fresh sun tea in my hand.  Although, I probably wouldn’t want to go back inside.
  9. The start of spring is also the beginning of when I can start walking on a regular basis.  I love walking with my family, and with friends. It’s such a release for me. I have a good friend that walks with me, usually without our kids, which allows us about an hour to walk and talk about whatever we want. It’s such a great way to unwind.

These are some of the first things we do each year when the weather finally breaks. I’m sure, since it’s only February, we will be visited by winter again, but right now, we are enjoying this warm weather.

What are the things you like to do first thing when the weather breaks?


Sharing is caring!

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