9 Rules to Finding Time for You

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Trying to find time for just you can be hard, with all the family’s schedules, work, and other commitments.  How can you fit in even 5 minutes to yourself?

If you’re ready to make yourself a priority, and find at least 5 minutes a day to dedicate to your own care, join my 7 Day Mommy Care Challenge.


9 Rules to fitting in your ‘mommy time’

1  Make yourself a priority!

It feels like this should be obvious, but as moms we put everyone and everything above our own needs.  Committing to take time for yourself means you have to make it a priority. You need to write it on the schedule, or put it in your daily goals. This is a top priority task each day.

2   Look at your daily schedule.

Take a look at your daily schedule, is there anywhere you can find a few minutes.  Remember, we are only committing to 5 minutes alone, no need to find a giant chunk of time.  Is there time between when your husband/ significant other comes home and dinner needs started?  How about between dinner and the bedtime routine? Can you spare 5 minutes before the kids wake up?

Even if you don’t make it until after your bedtime routine has finished, at least you made it a priority.

3   Get your family in on it.

My husband knows when I tell him that i’m “disappearing” that the bedroom is off limits, and our daughter is all his.  If she comes looking for me, he steps in and distracts her so that I’m not interrupted. He realizes that it is something I need to do, and supports it 100%.

4   Plan it out

I will be folding laundry, or cleaning house and thinking about what I will do with my alone time.  I make the most of that time by having things set up before I even begin.

As I clean the bathroom, I will pull nail polish out, or I will get things set up for a bath later. That way when I finally can sneak away, I don’t waste precious time trying to find things I need, or trying to figure out what I want to do.

As I show in my challenge, I will make a scrub or soak days in advance, so when I decide to take a relaxing bath I can just grab what I made an enjoy.

5 Dont be afraid to say no 

Sometimes you might have to say no to someone or something in order to get your time in.  It’s ok to say no. You don’t have to be the person that everyone counts on and leans on to take care of everything at your own expense.  When you find time for yourself it’s sacred, and you’re allowed that time.

I once had a boss give me the advise that even if my plan was to do nothing, to consider it a plan. As we talked it was obvious she had noticed how I was getting burned out, and needed to take a little time for myself.

Consider your time alone the same you do when you make plans. You don’t just cancel the plan because something else comes along. It takes something major to completely change plans, especially non-negotiable plans.

When you find time to spend on yourself it’s one of those non-negotiable things.  Unless it’s beyond urgent, don’t let things come in between you and your time alone.

6   Make it special.

Plan your time, as I mentioned above, but make it something special. If you make it something you want to do for yourself that is above and beyond the ordinary it can be more satisfying.

Saying your time for yourself included brushing your teeth doesn’t make it special. You would (hopefully, lol) be doing that regardless.

Don’t feel it has to be elaborate, but it shouldn’t include your daily routine items, with slight exceptions.  Some days, when I can get my time in early in the day. I will do my makeup, and I could brush my teeth and do something extra with my hair.  I do, at times, include the daily routine into my ‘me time’ but it’s not my focus.

7   Start a buddy system.

Doing something alone can be extra challenging but if you have an accountability buddy you have a greater chance of success.

Do you know another mom who could use some time for herself? Is she stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling?  How great would it be to share the challenge with another mom who could use it.

Together you will keep each other motivated, and on track.  If you can’t find another mom, ask a spouse/ family member to hold you accountable and help you find time for yourself.

8 Forget the guilt

I know that mom guilt is real, and it can make you miserable.  It can be so tough to try to take care of yourself when each moment you’re thinking of something or someone that needs you.   I’m not advocating for you to neglect responsibilities, but you are worth a few minutes a day.

Regardless of what other moms might think, know that you are a hard working mom and you deserve a break each day.  You’re not taking hours on end to ignore the world and be pampered (wouldn’t it be amazing to be pampered hours on end? hmmmm….. back to reality).

Simply allowing yourself a few minutes to compose yourself, bring you back to center, and come out feeling more refreshed is the goal.

9  Get inspired!

If you look on Pinterest you can find lists upon lists of ideas for self care. There’s so many things you can do, so don’t be limited by your own imagination.

Create a schedule, or make a list of the ideas that speak out to you the most.  This time is all about making you feel most like yourself.

If you’re looking for some inspiration,
join the 7 Day Mommy Care Challenge!

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Most Importantly

Realize that you’re worth it momma. You deserve this time for you.

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  1. Nicole

    March 28, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    I don’t have kids yet, but this is helpful to me to keep in my mind for the future. I love the point about taking care of yourself first. That’s so important. If you’re not filled up, you can’t give to your family.

    1. Becky Miller

      March 28, 2017 at 1:34 pm

      I definitely agree. Even before I had my daughter I was notorious for going nonstop and never taking a minute for myself. I think that at any stage of life it is important to make yourself a priority.

  2. sophie

    March 23, 2017 at 10:43 am

    The don’t be afraid to say no really is key and so very hard! Great post!

    1. Becky Miller

      March 23, 2017 at 10:52 am

      It is very hard to say no, but there is something so freeing when you actually take that stand to put yourself first.

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