7 Tips for a Fun Mommy & Me Night with a Toddler

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It’s not a common occurrence, but at times my husband travels overnight for work, or he goes away to deer camp. These times I usually try to make special Mommy & Me nights for our daughter.  She is absolutely a daddy’s girl, so when daddy is gone things can go haywire quick if I don’t make it a special, fun, mommy & me night.

While I try and make it a special night in, I also try to keep it reasonable. We don’t go overboard, but we do things that make the night special. So, while I’m planning on my husband’s upcoming trip, I figured I would list our family’s favorite ways to have a fun Mommy & Me night with my toddler.

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1. Make dinner special

There are certain meals that my husband doesn’t enjoy, so when he is gone we make sure to eat something we wouldn’t normally eat.  This usually means something like Chicken Alfredo or pretty much anything with rice. I let my daughter choose which she wants to have and that is what we buy and make for dinner.

2. Snacks

I usually grab something special for a snack. Some of the favorites in my house are popcorn, chips, and gummy candy. I go for the snacks we rarely buy but are fun to have for something special.  I realize these snacks may not be that special to most households, but they aren’t things we usually keep in the house. Four our toddler, getting some chips or gummy snacks is a giant treat.

3. Dinner in the living room

While we have a special dinner, we pull out the kiddie table and eat at that. It requires me to sit on the floor and eat, but it makes it a special thing for little miss and that’s the most important thing.  When daddy gets home she can tell him about eating dinner at her table.

4. Watch a special movie

Whether you’re pulling something up on Netflix or renting something from the video store, grabbing a movie to watch together while you eat your snacks makes the night more special.  Our local video store has a good size kids section and all the movies in it rent free for 5 days. It’s perfect for a special night in.  Little miss loves getting to pick out what movie we watch.

Even if we just pull up Netflix I try to let her choose what we watch. I’m sure that our movie will be Moana, but you never know, she might shock me and let me watch something different.

5. Bath

Like everything else, I try to make bath time a special time as well. This is when we put a little essential oil in the water and pull out a bath bomb or even a fun bath toy (like bath crayons). It isn’t something she gets all the time so it makes our Mommy & Me time even more special.

6. Act like a big girl

One of the little miss’s favorite things is when we do ‘big girl’ stuff. So we paint our nails, put on yummy smelling lotion and sometimes even use a face mask. She loves doing these things with me, and it just adds to our wind down time even better.

7. Bedtime routine

When daddy is gone, the bedtime routine is thrown off. We always try to have a facetime chat with daddy before bed, which helps tremendously, but it isn’t always possible.  No matter what we make sure to at least talk to daddy for a few minutes before bed. We try to keep bedtime at her normal time just for ease, but it usually gets pushed off a little bit.

Planning a mommy & me night with your kids doesn't have to be difficult, these 7 tips will let you set up the perfect night. #mommyandme setting up a mommy and me night for your kids can be so fun. Including these 7 key steps will mean you have a memorable night you can duplicate time and time again.

What are your favorite things to do on a night alone with your kids?

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