5 Ways to Recover from Mom Burn Out

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It’s so easy to become that burned out mom. You know the one, frazzled, at the end of her rope.  You’re ready to scream, cry and run away all at the same time. It happens when you get so sucked into your everyday life and chores that you start forgetting to really take care of yourself. Dealing with your mom burn out can be difficult, but really refresh you and bring you back to the happy mom you’re longing to be. 

Getting burned out as a mom is so easy. Our schedules are neverending, and we always have a little one attached to us or needing us for something.  We don’t often have time to really relax and focus on ourselves.  I have written many posts about self care, and it’s importance

Sometimes you need to do more

I am a strong advocate for taking a few minutes out of the day to do something for yourself. Most of these ideas are free, or very cheap. They are perfect for the busy stay at home mom who just needs to feel like herself again and needs a pick me up. 

I love these ideas and I use them daily. There are times though, that you need to go beyond the ordinary and really treat yourself.  Instead of taking 5 minutes to throw on some makeup quick, you need to go beyond that and take 30 minutes or an hour, or longer. Do whatever you need so that you can really recharge yourself.  

Do something special for yourself

For 3 years, I cut my own hair. What that resulted in was a style that had absolutely no shape, no style, and that I just wore in a “mom bun” day in and day out. I was over it and needed to get it cut again.  So, for the first time in over 3 years, I made myself a hair appointment.  

It was magical.  I left home a little early and gladly sat in the waiting area of the salon & spa.  The music was peaceful and there wasn’t any commotion going on. I even left my phone buried in my purse, so I had no distractions, I just relaxed and enjoyed the solitude.  The haircut came out perfectly, and when I looked in the mirror after she finished cutting it the first thing I thought is “Yes! She is back!”  

I had been hiding so much in that self-cut hairdo/ mom bun. I knew it wasn’t me but why pay money for a haircut. The thing I learned most was that I needed that cut in order to regain who I was before becoming a mom. Now every time I do my hair, I get this “YES” sassy feeling because this momma is back. 

It doesn’t have to be a hair cut, but do something you’ve been putting off doing for yourself.  This thing will most likely cost money, but save up for it if you have to and do the thing! 

Get out of there

Get out of the house without the kids. This could be a date night or a girls day out. You just need to get out and do something without the kids. Make it something special.  

One of my friends and I will take a day twice a year (or more) and we go shopping. Even if we don’t have much to spend, we can always make it worthwhile.  Our last trip, we left home at 10am and didn’t get home until midnight.  We went shopping over an hour away, so it was a special trip, one that we wouldn’t normally be taking.  

In that full day together, we ate some good meals, shared many laughs, and spent WAY too much time in every store we went to.  We spent over 4 hours walking around At Home, over 3 hours in Ulta, and another 3 hours in Gordman’s. We didn’t cover a whole lot of ground that day, but we had a blast. 

There’s always a date night with the husband to refresh your spirit.  Make it happen. Make it a priority. When you schedule your date night, do something extra to make yourself feel really good.  The most important part is just to make sure it happens and to relax with your spouse. 

Help a mother out

One of the best and easiest ways to get some alone time is to swap babysitting with other moms. You take her kids for a day and then have her take yours.  It makes leaving the kids behind easier since there’s no cost involved, and you know they’ll be playing and having fun. 

You can do this for your date time, or just to get a couple silent hours at home. Whatever you need to do, it’s a great way to get some sanity back and get in a date night, girls day, some shopping or just some time to really get the house clean.  

Go to bed

When I’m really burned out, the one thing I really need to do most is just go to bed.  The dishes, the messes, and the laundry… they’ll be there tomorrow. Yes, it can be very hard to leave that stuff alone and go to bed, but it is so worth it.  

As moms, we easily give up our sleep for chores, self care, relaxation, kids, husbands. You name it we will trade sleep for it.  Yet, one of the most important things you need is a good night’s sleep. So go get some rest momma. 

What is your favorite way to stop being so burned out?

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