5 Minute Makeup Routine for Moms

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Makeup is one of those things, to me, I feel most like myself when I’m playing with it or have it on, so I decided to show you my 5 minute makeup routine. It is truly my happy place. It’s bad enough that when my friend and o go to Ulta my husband gives me a budget… and usually in cash. I have created and perfected my 5 minute makeup routine. I can usually get most of this done quickly even if Em is in the room with me which helps.

When I take my 5 minutes, I usually gravitate to the bathroom to play with my makeup stash. It’s rare that I leave the house on a weekday, yet I wear makeup almost every day.

My husband can also tell if I’ve had a bad day with our daughter by me not wearing makeup. He knows the routine. If things go south and I don’t get a couple minutes, I will be bare faced still. When things go good I will have at least some makeup on.

This is just one of my favorite ways to spend some time on myself. I really enjoy playing and creating different looks.


Favorite products for a fast makeup day

My usual go-to for a quick 5 minute face includes some of my favorite and easiest to use products.

1. Concealer- I need to cover the dark circles somehow. I really enjoy the Rimmel Match Perfection. For me, this gives perfect coverage. I will either pounce it on with a makeup sponge or use my fingers depending on how it is going on that day.

2. Makeup Revolution affirmation palette- This is absolutely one of my favorite palettes. There’s so many looks possible with this. The colors are pretty neutral, with a few good pops of color. I also enjoy the cream eye shadows from Maybelline and Elf.

3. Maybelline gel eyeliner in Blackest Black- My holy grail eyeliner.

4. For mascara I generally grab Rimmel Lash Accelerator or Rimmel Volume Accelerator.  Both of these have ingredients said to help grow your lashes or add volume to your lashes. Since using them I have noticed that little sparse areas are filled in.

5. For lips on an easy day I just grab my trusty Burts Bees chapstick. It’s my favorite chapstick and works so well with my lips.

When I know I am going to be at home all day I tend to keep things pretty light by skipping the foundation, and many face products. I save the foundation, bronzing, blush and highlight to days when I will actually see people outside my home.

I like this kind of look because I can also complete it with minimal brushes, which means less to clean. If I use a shimmer shade or a cream eye shadow I will even use my (clean) fingers.  They work well for packing on these types of shadows and I’m not spending time dirtying a brush that will have to be cleaned.

I really hope you can draw inspiration from this 5 minute makeup routine to use in your own routine.  I know that it’s possible this is all you wear on a big makeup day, or maybe it’s more than you usually wear. For me, personally, this is a very light amount of makeup. As a makeup lover, my full routine takes much longer and uses a lot of products.

What do you usually use when you do a fast makeup day?


Sharing is caring!

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