15 minute DIY facial for dry skin

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15 Minute DIY facial for dry skin - mommytakes5.com

Sometimes we all need a little pampering. Especially as a mom, we have a way of ignoring our own needs and forgetting to put ourselves on our list (I should add my “me time” to my daily task list). This DIY facial is a perfect way to pamper yourself during nap time or before bed.

I try to make sure to give myself at least 5 minutes of time for myself each day.  Five minutes isn’t a big commitment but is enough to make you feel renewed. It is such a small portion of the day that between everything we do for our family and household, it can fit in without altering schedules.

It’s winter in Michigan which means my skin is dry and thirsty.  I struggle with dry skin year round, but it only gets worse in winter with the heat cranked. We even run a humidifier nonstop and our whole family is dry.

If your skin isn’t extremely dry this may not work well for you, but it could be adapted to your favorite routine and products. I used the products I had on hand and will link them as they are mentioned, as well as some of my favorites.

With my extremely dry skin, I was in need of some major moisture. I grabbed any and everything I could use to breathe some life back into my skin.

What I used

I pulled out everything I could to exfoliate and moisturize my face through this quick facial treatment.

1. Coconut oil


I always try to go for an organic, cold pressed oil like this one*. I have used others in a pinch with good results as well. It’s the burden of running out when living in a small, rural town. The one I currently have on hand is one I bought at the grocery store, it is the LouAna 100% pure coconut oil.* 

2. Norwex Makeup Remover Cloths and Body Cloths


I am a huge lover of all things Norwex, and in full disclosure, I am still considered a consultant even though I am not active.

These 2 different cloths use just water to clean your face and body. There is no need to use any cleansers or soaps.  The microfiber picks up and hold onto everything, even bacteria. They have microsilver embedded in them which keeps bacteria from growing and spreading in the cloth. This means less laundry (who doesn’t want that?) because you rinse the cloth well and hang to dry.

The makeup remover cloths do a fantastic job at cleaning your face without pulling or tugging at your skin. If you need a little more exfoliation on a regular basis you may prefer the body cloths to remove makeup and clean your face.

You will want to use these extremely wet, with the hottest water you can handle. They will slightly swell when soaked, just squeeze enough water out so the aren’t dripping. You do not want to use these without them being extremely wet as they will over exfoliate your skin.

3. Ulta facial cleanser brush


I love this brush. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin but does a great job when I need some extra power. My makeup and body cloths (above) work great, but sometimes I just need a little extra power.

I like that I can clean and sanitize the brush heads after using by just popping them off quickly.f  It can also be used in the shower, but I generally don’t do that.

This isn’t a tool I use often, every week to every second week at most.  For my skin it seems a little too harsh for  daily use.

4. Moisturizer


I am currently using the Ponds Dry Skin Cream*.  It is a good moisturizer, especially for the price. I haven’t had any reactions to it. The scent is quite light and it isn’t a heavy consistency.

Another of my favorites is the Perfectly Posh Moisturize 911.  It is caffeinated and firming. Like the Norwex, you would have to order through a sales rep and help out a local business woman.

How I did it

1. Using a soaked Makeup Remover Cloth and hot water, I removed my makeup. I focused on more gentle areas like my eyes.

2. I then used the Norwex Body Cloth soaked in hot water and went over it gently. With this cloth you really don’t need to use pressure like you wouldn’t with a traditional wash cloth.

3. I put a generous amount of coconut oil all over my face, really focusing on my dry patches. I let this sit on my skin for about 5 minutes.

4. Before removing any coconut oil, I used the Ulta Cleansing brush to really work that coconut oil in.

5. Taking the body cloth again, I gently wiped off the excess coconut oil. Then rinsed the cloth very well with hot water to get that oil out. After rinsing day wringing out all the excess water, I gently patted my face.

6. When my face had air dried, I added a thin layer of the Ponds moisturizer.

Since this diy facial…

I have been able to cut back on the amount of moisturizer I use daily. I actually didn’t need any for a couple of days.

It has been about a week since I did this and I didn’t have any breakout issues or sensitivity. This routine has definitely made it into my regular routine.

This worked just as well as some of the sheet masks I have used, and  was able to use products I already had on hand.

Do you have a special DIY facial routine?

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  1. roamy roamy

    March 10, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Thanks for sharing, in a busy world we live in today, we are so busy,always on the move and forget to get some me time.
    Pampering my skin is a must do Saturdays, my face is only one and I can not go into a shop to buy a new one if/when the old one gets tired so I’m always giving the best i have for my face.
    Must admit I`ve never used coconut oil in a long time, I find that the smell linger a bit too long and I do not like the smell in the first place.Ponds moisturizer has real wallet friendly prize and is something anyone should try if they need that firm face.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Becky Miller

      March 10, 2017 at 1:16 pm

      I really enjoy Ponds as well.

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