12 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Naptime

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Pampering myself as a mom is the inspiration for my entire blog.  I found that in order to be the best possible mom I can be, I need to spend just a little time on myself.  If that means that the floor doesn’t get vacuumed, or the dinner dishes sit in the sink until tomorrow then so be it.  For me, and most likely for you as well, taking just a few short minutes of the day and really focusing on ourselves can be so beneficial.

I can always tell when I skip a day of “me time” because I’m more short tempered, I find myself more on edge with my daughters behavior.  If I simply take a few minutes either during naptime or after my husband gets home everything falls back into place and I can, once again, feel like myself.

Naps around here are unpredictable; it’s just part of living in an apartment at this time.  With neighbors upstairs, we never know when the next loud bang or crash will come and interrupt naptime.  This list is of quick and easy things I have found to do something for myself during a nap. They are things that will only take a few minutes of your day but can calm you or bring you back to center.

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So, here is my list of ways  I have found to pamper myself during naptime.
  1. Painting finger or toenails. This can be nice and quick depending on the time you take to get it perfect. I usually start with one quick coat and then move along to more coats perfecting it if time allows. This is one of my favorite polishes by Essie.
  2. Putting on makeup. I have to admit, this is usually my go-to. Something I thoroughly enjoy is putting on makeup, playing with different products or looks.  I have a quick routine that just makes me feel alive. If I have more time, I will go all out for no other reason than for making myself feel good.
  3. Doing my hair. This one is another go-to for me. Taking the time to straighten or curl my hair.  Basically doing anything so that it’s not just in a bun is a win. Just as with the makeup, I just feel better when it is done.  A day where I can do both is amazing.
  4. Using a sheet mask. I love using sheet masks, especially during winter when my skin is so very dry. I love doing them because they are affordable, especially if you use coupons when they’re on sale at the drug store. These are some of my favorite masks.
  5. Coloring. It’s something I have always loved to do. In college, I loved having a coloring book and crayons around to help me relax and zone out. I didn’t have the adult coloring books available then, but they are what I now use. Just taking a few minutes to color a section of the page is so relaxing.
  6. Blogging or a side hustle. This blog has now taken over nap times, but it gives me the release of thoughts. The ability to pour my passion into something else, and to focus on something I really have a passion for helped to give me renewed focus.
  7. Crafting. This past Christmas I made the gift for my mother in law, it took weeks to finish because I was only getting a few minutes in when I could, but it was finished by Christmas. I wouldn’t use my “me time” for any crafting that needs to be done in a big hurry (if it is a time-consuming project) but it’s a perfect time to get something done that you’re wanting to work on.
  8. Watching a show or video you really love. For me, this is watching makeup guru’s on youtube, hahaha.  It’s my weakness.  Most of my favorites I do watch with my daughter, but others I wait until she is asleep so I can really watch and listen to what they are saying or talking about.
  9. A foot soak. It’s not quite as relaxing as getting a pedicure, but there are some days that pulling out the foot spa, sprinkling in some Epsom salts and oils just feels heavenly.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it always feels so good.  When I break down and go get a pedi, I realize what I’m missing out on, but this is good in between trips to the spa.
  10. Prayer/ meditation/ quiet time. Another one of my favorite things to do while my girl is asleep is to go lay on my bed in prayer, or just enjoying the silence. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, many days I just lay down (if I crawl in I will sleep too so I stay just on the covers) and enjoy a few minutes of quiet, thinking or praying about what is weighing on my heart.
  11. Oh, how I love reading a good book. Before baby, I would read a book in a day… how things have changed. I may not have the pleasure of sitting down for hours at a time to read, but I still really enjoy getting sucked into a story.
  12. A video chat with a fellow stay at home mom. This is always a highlight of my day, especially when the friend lives across the country. When we manage to find a day we can video chat it’s so nice, and a little more personable than a phone conversation.  Even if part of our chat is looking at the other persons ceiling, or wall as we do our regular housework and go about our day. Having the chance to have a conversation with another adult can be priceless.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, it is something that you can use to suit your own interests, but I hope it inspires you to take a few minutes for you.

What ways do you pamper yourself during naptime? What would you add to the list?


12 ways to pamper yourself during nap time.  Take time for yourself while the house is quiet. #selfcare #selfcareformoms #selfcarefortoddlermoms



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