10 Toddler Stocking Stuffers under $10

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One of my favorite things is opening my stocking from my parents. Seeing what little stocking stuffers they decided to get for me has always been exciting.  Since my daughter is 2 now, and can really start enjoying our Christmas traditions I know I will be filling her stocking with a ton of her favorite small things.  So what do you get your toddler for stocking stuffers under $10?

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Fisher Price Little People Characters

One of my daughter’s absolute favorites is her Little People, her collection grows all the time because she always wants more and it’s something easy we can treat her with here and there, and her grandparents are known for grabbing some for no special reason.

These are great since they all work with any of her existing play sets, and they have so many of her favorite characters to play with. I plan on unboxing these and wrapping each one individually, especially with the multi-packs, so she will get even more to unwrap.

Christmas Board Books

We always wrap up some Christmas books for her Christmas Eve gift (I will be writing about this in a few weeks, so check back), but slipping a special one, like this one, or even a non-Christmas book would work for this. I prefer the board books for stocking stuffers because they are generally smaller in size and will fit into the stocking easier.

My daughter loves her books, so this is a guaranteed winner for her.  I think that this book or one focused on the birth of Jesus would be a perfect book to read Christmas morning.

Bath Toys

Can a toddler have enough tub toys?  Probably, but I try to switch them out to keep bath time fun. Right now, my daughter is loving all things sporty, so this set of tub toys would be great. She also loves the squirting toys, and ducks. She also has some of the foam letters that stick to the wall when wet, only a few of these letters made it into the tub, she has always played with them outside the tub instead, but she enjoys sticking them to the wall while she sprays them with water. I just thought that with her different boats, squirting toys, ducks and everything adding 36 letters & numbers was too much.  There’s just so many to choose from

Coloring books & Crayons

My daughter loves to color. Just about every day she will color while I work. It’s a great activity for her because she can have a little bit of quiet time while I need her to be quiet & relax, and she can make fun drawings that we give to grandparents and hang on the refrigerator. New crayons are the perfect size for a stocking. Depending on the size of the coloring book you could also easily put one in a stocking as well.

Another great stocking stuffer would be a water coloring mat, especially if you’re worried about crayon getting everywhere.

Bath fizzies

These little tabs are so fun for toddlers.  My daughter is obsessed with Sesame Street, like so many other toddlers, so these Elmo tub colors are some of the favorite things we have.  We like to put 2 different colors in opposite sides of the bath and watch the colors mix in the middle as she plays.

We can get little packets of 10 at our neighborhood Dollar General, so there’s another great idea of where  you can get them, and the package is a great size for being used for stocking stuffers.

Fruit Snacks

Our daughter doesn’t get candy but every once in a while, but she loves getting treats.  I mean, who doesn’t? We try to give her treats that aren’t going to make her go absolutely crazy, so instead of loading her stocking with candy (that she will probably get from her grandparents anyway) we will be loading her up with plenty of fruit snacks packets.


Play-Doh is the perfect size container to be used as a stocking stuffer.  It’s something we can easily pull out for an activity and put back up when we are done.  It isn’t something we really let her use while we are busy with other things because cleaning it out of carpet isn’t all that fun. Our daughter loves creating with it though.

We actually bought a giant box of it for her birthday and have only let her play with a couple colors so far, so we might just wrap up a few colors and let her play with some new (to her) ones that have been up in the closet.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are perfect for any little girl. They seem to fall into a black hole after using them just a couple of times, so these big collections of bows, barrettes, hair ties, and headbands are great for little ones.  We use these items daily in our house, so having plenty of backups is key to making her hair wishes come true. 



These movies of Peanut’s favorite shows are great to keep on hand.  We can take them with us to the grandparent’s houses when she is over there because sometimes she just won’t settle down until she sees Curious George (toddlers are fun).  She loves her little collection of movies she can watch when we are trying to get calmed down for a nap.

You could also do a learning movie, or favorite Disney movie, whichever works for your kids’ interests.  My house is all about Disney Jr., Curious George, and Daniel Tiger.

Tooth Brush

I’m sure I don’t have the only toddler who asks to brush her teeth 600 times a day right? She loves when she gets a new toothbrush, and generally, we let her choose what color she wants, so getting a special toothbrush for Christmas would be something she would absolutely love to get.  These multi-packs of toothbrushes are great for my peanut.


10 under $10 - Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers - Stocking Ideas

Do you go all out for stocking stuffers?

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  1. Barbara Alfeo

    November 16, 2017 at 3:34 am

    Preserve makes great recycled toothbrushes! Way better for the Earth! Also, buying secondhand is a perfect way to keep money under control!

    1. Becky Miller

      November 16, 2017 at 9:44 am

      I will have to check out those toothbrushes Barbara! I agree with buying second hand as well. Great ideas, thank you so much.

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